By: Karen Silva

Happy Birthday Canada! Wow Canada is turning 150 this year! Whether you decide to celebrate Canada day with a quiet family get together or planning a big party; the bottom line is that people need to eat!

Here are my top five favorite Canada day themed foods that you can do with your children. These are super easy and the main focus of course is all about the Canadian flag.

*Please use your best judgment on which tasks you may need to assist your child with*


You can make your famous lasagna recipe or Momma Braga’s lasagna recipe (my favorite). However, as you assemble your lasagna you can make the last layer look like the Canada flag. How? Well, first cover your sides with tomato sauce and the middle with Mozzarella cheese. For your maple leaf use cherry tomato’s for your design or Peperoni slices.

Photo Credit: Momma Braga

Cake or Cupcakes

First bake your favorite cake or cupcake recipe. Then when it has cooled down and ready to ice, remember to cover the cake or cupcakes with White buttercream frosting. Then you can add Red sprinkles all over your cake and cupcakes.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Fruit Tray

You can be creative with your food to fit your Canada Day theme. For example, with a maple leaf cookie cutter you can cut out the shape with fruits such as melon, watermelon and even pineapple. You can also dip your strawberries in White chocolate or fill your strawberries with whip cream.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Fry and Dip

This one is super easy and probably one of everyone’s favorite. First fry your French fries and then set them aside so they are not piping hot for your guests. Then place them on each side of a long serving tray. Then in the middle of the serving tray draw out the maple leaf using Ketchup.

Hello Jell-O

Follow the instructions on making the Jell-O from the box. Once it has set add your whip cream and a fresh strawberry or Raspberry on top. You can also add a Canadian flag if you want to, by printing out little flags and tape them onto a tooth pick.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

I hope I didn’t make you too hungry reading this and I hope that I have inspired you to do some special Canada Day themed dishes. If you decide to make any of these, I would love to see them, so please be sure to tag me on Twitter @Karenbabydoll22.


About the Author

Karen graduated from Sheridan College with an Early Childhood Education Diploma. She worked with children for about five years before expanding her skills in Administration. Karen is a loving Godmother/Auntie to one. Combined with her ECE background and passion for DIY projects and baking, she is a contributor writer for mom blogger, Momma Braga. Karen hopes by sharing her knowledge, tips and tricks, she can bring families together through her creative ideas.