5 Things New Moms Should Know About Practicing Modesty

The moment you see that embryo on the ultrasound screen, a new mom’s life changes forever. Your orientation to life is going to change. You’re in the beginning stages of transforming from whoever “you” are, into a role model. Not just any role model, but the most important role model in your little sweet pea’s life.

I’ve always considered myself to be relatively “modest.” I didn’t throw on tight-fitting clothes on first dates. I don’t own skirts that don’t end below my fingertips. But even so, the moment I had my first baby I realized the importance of modesty as a mother.

1. Always Think About Your Daughters

In the beginning, the world of pop culture will have little impact on their clothing choices. You’ll be the one deciding what clothes they wear.

However, it doesn’t take long before they start noticing the fashion world around them. Worst of all, corporations start marketing sex appeal to girls as young as seven years old. Thongs and risqué bras that were once exclusively confined to the adult section are being peddled to our pre-teenage girls.

2. You Are the Role Model

You cannot teach your daughters the value of modesty if you don’t follow it yourself! That’s why I did a complete wardrobe revamp when my oldest child was two years old. My maternity wardrobe was already very modest, but I still felt the need to purge my dresser of a few items.

Kids are listening and watching at all times. They see the good, the bad, and the ugly. And if you want to prevent your kiddos from wanting to dress sexy, it is best to be conscious of your own wardrobe.

3. Primary Articles for Your Maternity Wardrobe

A lot of new moms have a difficult time watching their body change and adjusting to the new position as a “role model.”

Here are some of my favorite items for staying modest while going through the various stages of maternity.

  • A lot of maternity skirts – these were like an everyday staple for me.
  • A couple of long dress.
  • A couple of jumpers.
  • Maternity PJ’s – these are so lovely.
  • A maternity coat – this is more optional.
  • Hundreds and hundreds of blouses!

I’ll be honest, I spend a lot of time at yard sales finding maternity tops for less than $1 each. If you have friends who have already been through this process, you can request to borrow their old clothes.

Like I said, maternity skirts were an absolute must for me. They are loose and modest, but don’t make you feel like a manatee!

4. Breastfeeding

What a taboo topic! I’m not going to discuss any of the pros or cons. But if you are planning on breastfeeding, for the love of all that is good and holy, find a nursing cover that doesn’t scream, “Look at me, I’m breastfeeding!”

I’m a gigantic fan of my nursing cover by Mooiste, but every mom will have her own preference. I know plenty of moms that have DIY’d their own. And, if you choose not to breastfeed, this won’t be an issue at all.

5. Stop. Wearing. Yoga. Pants

Do you remember Veronica Partridge, the Christian blogger that stopped wearing yoga pants? Her blog post made a lot of people angry, but I can’t help but believe she has a point.

She asked her husband if he thought yoga pants sexualized women. His response was to admit to her that it was “hard not to look” at women wearing yoga pants. Veronica then made a vow not to wear yoga pants ever again.

As a woman, I know it is a fine line. A very fine line. But I’ve simply seen too many women cross into extremely inappropriate “yoga pants territory.” I’m not going to be one of them. If you’re still interested in reading further, here’s a great blog post about the danger of yoga pants on today’s youth.