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Blogger of The Week is Dot’s Destination!

  Do you dream of travel? Dot and her beautiful family do a lot of it! Dot is a travel agent, a teacher and a blogger and she and her family are set to inspire you and yours! Whether you are looking for a fabulous restaurant, a dream vacation or just looking for resources outside of the norm, this is the blog for you. Fall in love with this blog as we have!     What inspired you to start your blog?  Growing up, my parents took us road trips every summer. The goal was to visit my family...

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Blogger of the Week is Diary of a One Year Old

  What inspired you to start your blog Hi! I’m a one-year old Indian boy, who lives in Ivory Coast, Africa. Sometime after I was born, my Mum, who is a writer, started blogging about pregnancy and motherhood. She would tell me about her blogs, the responses she received and how many other parents were expressing themselves on the internet. While that sounded great, it struck me that the world also needed a different perspective. I decided to be the voice of all us babies out there, who watch and absorb the world silently in our first few years....

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Blogger of the Week is Momtastic World!

  This week we feature Kavita from Momtastic World, this blog is like your best friend, as motherhood experiences are shared and it is really helpful to Moms looking for answers. New and seasoned Moms alike will enjoy this blog and Dads will love seeing it from a Mom’s perspective! What inspired you to start your blog? During my pregnancy days, I read a lot. I wanted to know everything happening inside me and how my little munchkin is growing inside my womb. Pregnancy created emotional turmoil too and I was on a roller coaster ride even after my...

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Blogger of the Week is Being A Mummy!

Meet our blog of the week: Being a Mummy! We are so inspired by this Stay at Home Mom’s recipes and food ideas as she tested them on her little toddler. We know you will love this blog as much as we do!   Q.What inspired you to start your blog? I started the blog about 3 years ago to pen down recipes and food ideas that I was trying out for my then 2 year old boy. I have a background in recipe development and food writing. After the son came I decided to be a SAHM. With...

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Blogger of the Week: Modern Dad Guru

Our blogger of the week is Modern Dad Guru! This great writer is honest, fun and is a great go to blog for Mums and Dads.   What inspired you to start your blog?  Becoming a dad was a life changing moment. The moment my son Finn joined us, was incredible. It is impossible to describe in words just how euphoric that feeling is. My every thought and decision is now centered around my little ninja. I thought it would be fantastic to connect with other parents online and share my experiences and learn from others. The online parenting...

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