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4 Things Dads Can’t Do

Moms have done some incredible things over the years. We are now making a choice instead of being told what to do when it comes to working or staying at home, we have a voice and we have options. In the course of this quest, men are realizing that their roles do not have to be so defined either. However, Dads are scrutinized for going against the norm and frankly, it’s time to call it out. Here are 4 things that Dads cannot do. BABYSIT THEIR CHILDREN Dad, you are many things, but you are never the babysitter of...

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Vlogger of The Year is Active Dads Rule!

Vlogger of The Year Our Vlogger of the year is one of our favorite Dads! We want to congratulate Active Dads Rule Derrick Culpepper who is a viral sensation when his video of styling his beautiful daughter Linda’s hair was posted. He now hosts the dynamic duo morning show and has so many great videos that will inspire families. Derrick is also a champion for fathers. He was a co host of the #DadsDoMatter Campaign, along with The Baby Spot, Laugaurdia Cross and Michelle Tapp Roseman. We know we have picked the perfect vlogger where we will be sharing...

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Dads- Inspire Your Daughters | Introducing Shelly Tapp

Introducing Shelly Tapp… These words always sent the budding entertainer into orbit and jumpstarted Shelly’s daily performance. Amidst whines and eye rolls from her older sister, Shelly sang loud, pitch-perfect renditions of the 1960s Buster Brown shoe commercial every day! Without an ounce of stage fright, Shelly offered the sold-out audience repeated bows and encore performances. This daily ritual of being announced and performing made the 3-year old’s smile stretch wider than her jump rope-turned-mic! Now Shelly wasn’t a seasoned performer but she knew not to mount the stage unless her name was called. As always, her first note...

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5 Healthy Activities For Dads and Kids

  Becoming a father is no doubt one of the most rewarding experiences you are ever likely to have in your entire life. Then comes the hard work of ‘being’ a dad (big difference) which will of course include sacrificing those precious little pockets of time you used to have.     Those sacrifices made by a father often can include compromising their own fitness and lifestyle. It is no surprise that the most recent obesity statistics across a number of coutries, include the fact that fatherhood significantly increases the chance of weight gain.   In today’s modern world,...

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Making Magic, Two Dads At A Time

By: Anthony Romeo @AnthonyRomeo1 Visit Anthony here and read his work on the Huffington Post. He is also on Instagram @DevNewJersey I wanted to take some time to stitch together the fabric of promises and dreams, to weave a family’s tapestry through the time-honored cultural tradition of storytelling for you.  But I also just wanted to talk to you about Mickey Mouse. You see, when I was a kid, it’s Fantasia that got its hooks in me.  Even with minimal dialogue, it held my attention for hours, and my parents would rewind the tape and let me watch it...

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