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On-The-Go Workouts… And Healthy Choices!

On-The-Go Workouts… And Healthy Choices! While it may have taken a little longer than we would of liked, it does seem that Spring is finally here. That’s going to mean more travel to warm locales, the sun is up longer, so you may be going out in your city more often – basically everyone’s getting more active. And while you’re out being active, I want you staying FIT and healthy with workouts that won’t cramp your schedule, and with healthy meal choices that won’t cramp your style. Remember, we’re enjoying life – but still making healthy choices! Vacation is...

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Fit Workouts For Moms and Mommies To Be! Passion, dedication and a love for fitness. That’s what you will get if you follow Hayley Young. Hayley Young wants Moms to be and seasoned Moms alike to be inspired to get fit. Her massive following in Birmingham, Alabama and from the show, Jersey Belle on Bravo has inspired women across the country to get fit with Hayley Young. Hayley has ow a great offer for her fans, she has  put out two dvds, Fit Pregnancy and Fit Workouts, to help both women who are pregnant and have given birth shed those pounds in a healthy, inspiring...

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New to Shelves: The SINC Series Continues….

Interface - SINC2
Find this exciting follow up in the SINC series online here!
Still available, the first book of the SINC series online here!