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Balancing Act

  By: Jenna Stewart Motherhoodwithatwistofocd Twitter: @JDStewart84 There is no doubt in my mind that being a stay at home mom is probably one of the hardest jobs out there. I could probably do it, but I don’t think I would do it well. To be honest, I’d most likely never make it out of yoga pants (while not doing any yoga), drink entirely too much coffee (wait, I already do that), and probably consume more wine than any person should. I strongly believe that I am a better mother, because I work. That being said, working full-time, with...

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Blog: Twitter: @JDStewart84 With a New Year ahead of us comes new and exciting parenting bloggers. We start off 2016 strong with this wonderful blogger, Jenna and her blog, I Am Just Checking!   Jenna has a great blog about having two CUTE little kids and being a working Mother. Jenna is also an OCD survivor. We loved this post about the overuse of people saying “I’m So OCD!”  OCD  is common and Jenna does a great job bringing a voice to all of those who have OCD. We think it is perfect for OCD survivors and those who...

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Mommy’s Hiding in the Closet Again…

Mommy’s Hiding in the Closet Again… By: Jenna Stewart^tfw Before Bode was born, I often wondered how people survived with more than one kid. In a fleeting moment of self-reflection, I realized I could barely get myself out of the house when it was just Riley and I. And when I did, I usually hadn’t showered, had spit-up on my shirt, and goldfish stuck in my unwashed hair. Classy, I know. How the hell did these well-put-together parents manage to make handling two, three… (gasp) five, kids look easy? A lot of coffee, alcohol, and other legal...

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As Seen At Open Gym

As Seen at Open Gym Originally Posted here: Twitter: @JDStewart84 By: Jenna Stewart As the weather gets colder, and parents frantically try to find indoor activities for their toddlers to do that will help release some of their destructive energy, open gym enters the picture as an answer to all of our problems. Forget Disney World, in the winter, open gym is literally the happiest place on earth. Though I could suggest some improvements, maybe a full-service bar? An observation deck with lounge chairs? And staff to keep a watchful eye on the chaos that ensues when...

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The Daycare Dilemma

Blog: Originally posted here Twitter: @JDStewart84 By: Jenna Stewart   The Daycare Dilemma  Daycare is basically college for children under the age of five. The cost will make you want to (die) cry and the prep work is so time consuming that it could function as a full-time job.  My mind is literally blown every day when I make it through drop-off and get to my desk on time. And by on time, I mean give or take 10 minutes, because let’s be real here. It is a huge accomplishment. We all deserve a medal… or wine…. I usually...

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