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Karen Chin’s Everyday Chinese Cookbook

Imagine your family eating a spicy pork noodle soup or a healthy stir fried kale and broccoli. Now picture yourself the one creating this delicious dishes. This can be you, wowing your family with 101 delicious recipes! Everyday Chinese Cookbook is going to wow your family night after night with easy to understand yummy recipes. Daughter Katie Chin honours/honors her talented mother Leeann with this lovely cookbook. Chin takes the time to explain key ingredients you will need for these yummy Chinese dishes and some of the common tools and utensils you will need. The book also includes some...

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Can Fish Fingers Swim App Review

Can Fish Fingers Swim App Review By: Karen Del Ben A.K.A. Canadian Coupon Chick Twitter The Can Fish Fingers Swim book app provides a cute interactive story about how fish sticks are made which comes in both English and Svenska. My own son has questioned at times how chicken nuggets are made. The Fish Fingers app allows children understand step by step story of how fish are caught, how they are cleaned about how they are turned into fish fingers. While reading the book to your child, your child can tap on the pictures of the fish...

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Three Little Pigs Ebook Review

Taffimai: The Three Little Pigs ebook Review By: Karen Del Ben A.K.A. Canadian Coupon Chick I just love interactive storybooks that allow children to manipulate the characters so that they can visually follow along. The Taffimai: The Three Little Pigs ebook is not like any other e-book that I have had the pleasure of using with my son. Not only is the story read to my son, but he also able to move the characters to follow the story within the book. With just a tap on the wolf, my son was able to get the wolf to...

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Story Line App Review

Storyline App Review By: Karen Del Ben A.K.A. Canadian Coupon Chick Anyone that knows me well would know that I love to have my home and office, tidy and organized so that I can find things at anytime. The Storyline app allows users to organize their photos in whichever way they please, unlike other apps that only organize photos by date. To create a storyline, users can select up to 20 pictures per slideshow. Once you have arranged your photos to your preference you can then narrate your own story. This feature is one of a kind! I absolutely...

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Tiny Beans App Review

Tiny Beans App Review By: Karen Del Ben A.K.A. Canadian Coupon Chick What an amazing App! I am always looking for easier ways to organize my photos of my family. The Tiny Beans app, allows users to add and organize their photos by date which is similar to daily journal entries. Its cute calendar feature categorizes your photos into a clean view which is perfect for finding photos quickly. Sharing your family’s memories and milestones has never been so easy! Your photos with other users or with your Facebook contacts can be done within a matter of seconds. I...

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