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Blogger of The Year is Momma Braga!

  Blogger of the Year is Melanie Braga, owner of the Momma Braga Blog! Melanie exemplifies what it is to be blogger of the year. She not only puts her heart into every piece she writes but she also gives back to other bloggers. We have seen Momma Braga grow from conception for the last year and half and Melanie has started as a blogger looking to meet others and share her stories of parenthood. Sometimes these posts are heartfelt with articles about trips and adorable quips of her daughter, Nikki. Other times we are brought into her family...

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An Average Day as Momma Braga Part I

An Average Day as Momma Braga Part I By: Melanie Braga Instagram: @mommabraga Twitter: @melmbraga Facebook: Blog: I am truly grateful and thankful for all my fans and supporters of Momma Braga. I truly enjoy writing and all of you have been so great to me – thank you! So when I heard that I had an article request, I was extremely excited! I have been asked to write about what an average day looks like in my life as a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) and my first thought was that there is no real average day as...

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Most Recommended Parent Blog Posts of The Week (2)

Our first week of parent blog posts was such a success, we have decided to stick with it! Here are some of the best posts recommended by our readers this week: Our blogger of The Year Melanie Braga recommends her touching post of her interview with Adele. Adele shares with Melanie what it is like to raise an autistic son. Get ready for a dose of love.   Backs N Bumps Blogger Lisa knows her son is growing up but this touching and informative post is a reminder that she is not her son’s best friend but his mum...

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What Happens When Your Family Video Goes Viral!

When you capture that perfect moment with your little one on video, it is not only something to watch with family and friends, it is a keepsake. Sometimes, parents choose to share these special moments online. Writer Melanie Braga from Momma Braga did just that. After watching her adorable then one year old daughter Nikki react to WWE wrestler Colin Cassady’s (AKA: Big Cass)  and Enzo Amore’s entrance before a match, she decided to share it online.     Little did she know, the video went viral very quickly! It is no secret that  the WWE Universe are the...

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Transition from Workaholic to Stay-At-Home Mom

Originally Posted here Transition from Workaholic to Stay-At-Home Mom By: Melanie Braga Originally Posted Here Instagram: @mommabraga Twitter: @melmbraga Facebook: Blog: I was raised in a home where work ethic was very important and I held onto that mindset throughout my work history. I have always been known to work very hard and give 110% at every job that I had since I was 16 years of age. I never said, ‘no’, to working overtime, evenings or weekends. I had jobs in retail, office and in social services. So you can say that I have had a...

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