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The Kindness Journal: 6 Minutes A Day To Your Happiest You

  As parents try to hold down their families, careers and household, it can often feel like the world is spinning out of control. We are missing deadlines, events, family gatherings and most of all, we are missing ourselves. Life gets so busy that it becomes difficult to remember or find the time to take care of our own wellness each day. We sometimes naively point blame to the ones that we love most, getting upset about the little things when it is the big things that are haunting us. Let’s change the negative into a positive! We must...

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Potty Training As A Mom of Boys @NatashaSharma17 By: Natasha Sharma CCPA/ NKS Therapy Natasha is a speaker, Relationship Therapist and the author of The Kindness Journal. I’m a mom. Of two very sweet boys. The second who joined us a mere three months ago! Having been a member of the MOB (mom of boys) squad for some time now, I’m already well versed in the nuances that come with changing baby boy diapers: The moving aside of the ‘bits and pieces’, the always-when-you’re-not-expecting-it pee pee spray, and have I just been living in a house of boys for too long or does their...

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How To Know If A Person Truly Loves You: The Top 6 Ways

How To Know If A Person Truly Loves You: The Top Six Ways @NatashaSharma17 By: Natasha Sharma CCPA / NKS Therapy Oh to be in love. Is there really anything quite like it? The slow cartwheels that turn over in your stomach every time you think of the other person, the slight hop and a skip in your step, the giddy anticipation at the thought of seeing them again, and how everything in the world around you suddenly just seems…better! The trouble with love, as the saying goes, is that is can also render us temporarily – but powerfully...

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Pregnancy: Is it really “all that?” 4 Tips for Keeping it Real.

Pregnancy: Is it really “all that?” 4 Tips for Keeping it Real. By: Natasha Sharma, M.Sc. @NatashaSharma17 By: Natasha Sharma, M.Sc., CCPA @NatashaSharma17 Director, Relationship Expert, and Doctoral Student NKS Therapy Psychotherapy & Assessment Services 10 Four Seasons Place, Suite 1000 Toronto, Ontario, M9B 6H7 T: (647) 862-4173   URL: Facebook: Twitter: By: Natasha Sharma, M.Sc. I have a confession to make: I did not enjoy being pregnant. There. I said it. And I’m pretty sure I’m far from the only person who feels this way. But you won’t hear people admit it. That’s because...

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New to Shelves: The SINC Series Continues….

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