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What Has Pregnancy Done To My Body?!?!

What has pregnancy done to my body, OMG! Originally posted here by: Rochel Ferman Visit Make My Baby Smile on Twitter and on Facebook For nine months we had many expected and unexpected changes happen to our bodies. Most of these someone told us about so we were somewhat prepared. Then we have our little bundle of joy and wow no one told us about all the post partum changes as well. If you are like an average post partum mom no one probably told you your hair was going to fall out afterwards, sometimes in clumps! This is...

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Get Them On Their Tummy! But Why??

Get Them On Their Tummy! But Why?? As a mom we come home from the hospital and we are told we have to do tummy time, but why? What, if any benefits does tummy time provide? Today I am going to let you in on some of the amazing things tummy time does for your little one! Tummy time adds the following benefits: 1.Helps strengthen their back and neck muscles reducing their risk for SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). These strong muscles will also aid your little one in rolling, crawling, standing and eventually walking. 2.Helps...

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Baby Sleep Guidelines

Baby Sleep Guidelines   By: Rochel Ferman How many of hours does your baby really need??? I know as moms we constantly doubt ourselves and we aren’t sure if our little one is getting enough sleep or too much sleep? Here are some basic total hours of sleep guidelines by age to go by. *0-3 mos: The beginning first month a baby can sleep anywhere from 16-20 hours of sleep. The second and third month your little one will start to slowly decrease to be 15-16 hours of sleep in the full day. *3-6 mos: Over...

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Big Kid Bed- Are They Ready?

Big Kid Bed- Are They Ready? By: Rochel Ferman Yep, this day comes for every parent. The secure and closed in sleeping space for your toddler needs to be upgraded. It is time for a big kid bed! Most toddlers between the ages of 2 and 3 move from their crib to a big kid bed and in most cases best to wait closer to 3. What if your child climbs out of the crib prematurely around 16 months or 18 months? Should you give them a bed? NO! This is a very early age for...

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Taking The Milk Away, Oh No!

Taking The Milk Away, Oh No! By: Rochel Ferman Every mother has then never-ending fear of taking away the bottles of milk. It is a point in every mothers life where we just say, “next week” then the next week say… “next week”. Yes it is a hard move to do for each and every one of us. Why is it so hard for us as mothers to make this jump? The #1 reason is we all correlate milk with giving our child a better nights sleep and no one wants to mess up good sleep for...

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