Finding my calling in motherhood: How giving birth to one love gave birth to another

I feel really fat. You know that feeling you get about yourself when you try to avoid looking in the mirror when undressing because you know you won’t really like the visage that looks back at you? I’ve been feeling really off all day. This whole “mom body” that I am trying really hard to embrace (she grew and birthed my son, after all!) just isn’t working out today—ha, figuratively and literally. Maybe it’s the sleep deprivation, days on end of baby talk, or the day-long silences between adult conversations. Maybe it is the moon, or just one of...

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PRIMO For All of Your Baby Needs!

PRIMO is a perfect business for parents! Launched in 1994 in Irvington, New Jersey, PRIMO ensures customers that they will provide bigger, better and brighter high quality products that every parent needs for their baby!  PRIMO is constantly expanding with an award winning product line in the categories of style, quality, safety and functionality from all over the globe! Most PRIMO products are made in the USA. From toilet trainers to bed guard rails, PRIMO emphasizes being Environmentally Conscious, BPA Free, Lead Free and Phthalate free.   With so many options for the new parent, PRIMO is your only...

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My Wife Can Produce Over 700 Pounds of Breast Milk a Year and I Can Prove It

My wife and I are analytical people, so when she came across an app called Baby Connect, which would allow us to track our son Duncan’s daily feedings, sleeping hours, diaper changes, etc., we were all-in.  It allowed for multiple users to update concurrently, so even if one of us was out and the other person was watching him, both people would be able to see the updated data in real time.  Over time, as we built up a database of information, which also included my wife’s nursing times and breast pumping yields, we were able to track progress and...

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4 Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep During Pregnancy

4 Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep During Pregnancy Pregnancy can bring plenty of anticipation for the arrival of a new baby. Although most women are overjoyed to be pregnant, growing a child isn’t always easy. This is especially true when it comes to sleeping. When you want to get a better night’s sleep and plenty of rest, there are a few tips to follow that will prove to be effective.   Use a Body Pillow Most women begin to feel uncomfortable sleeping at night during the second or third trimester due to a growing belly. A body pillow...

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Moving With Baby: 4 Tips For Taking Off The Stress

Moving With Baby: 4 Tips For Taking Off The Stress Moving, even as a single person, can be very stressful, but when you’re new parents with a baby everything seems magnified. You’re already short on sleep and energy, and struggling to get baby to sleep and maintain a schedule, so moving can sometimes seem like more than your family can manage. Here are few quick tips to reduce the stress of moving with a baby and keep your family as intact as possible.   Pack Baby’s Room Last There are items you need on a daily basis when you...

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