What are the 3 components of a well-child check?

Originally posted here by Dr. Michael Chapman, Texas Children’s Pediatrics – Pediatric Medical Group Most parents turn to a pediatrician when their child is sick, but it’s important not to overlook scheduling regular well-child check appointments for your little one as they are essential to helping keep your child healthy. Well checks for children are recommended from birth until 18 to 21 years of age. Pediatricians give age-appropriate anticipatory guidance during a check-up. There are also three main components your pediatrician assesses during a well-child check: development, growth and screenings/vaccines. Development Your pediatrician will monitor your child’s development by...

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Five Steps to Make Certain That Your Kids Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Five Steps to Make Certain That Your Kids Eat More Fruits and Vegetables   We all know how important fruits and vegetables are to nutrition, and how difficult it can sometimes be to get children to eat them. Here are five steps to make sure your kids eat more fruits and vegetables. Children can be remarkably fussy eaters, and it’s a natural part of every child’s development for them to express autonomy and independence by refusing to eat something, even something that they enjoy. Don’t lose patience with them for this; use these ideas to help them learn to...

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Connect Anywhere With Brackitz Children’s Building Toys

Let your child’s imagination run wild with Brackitz open-ended toys. These unique connect-anywhere toys attach to traditional planks at any point, any angle which enables your little builder to design any structure that they can imagine. From a simple design to a complex masterpiece, your child can create larger than life 3D structures. Expand your child’s imagination in the fields of math, art, science, architectural design and engineering principles. Brackitz is award winning, allows your children to work on projects in groups or alone and let’s your child’s wildest creations come true. Build with your child and make it...

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How Brady and Deucey Became Buster and Lucy to Get Princess Autumn Home

We love books where children and animals are incorporated living harmoniously together, respecting one another and loving each other. We also appreciate the fact that the topic of death can be hard to speak to children about, but that it is necessary as death is a part of life. How Brady and Deucey Became Buster and Lucy to Get Princess Autumn Home covers so many important topics and is a great book for children and adults alike. “No need to mourn, forever, you’re always you, just in slightly different forms, know this to be true.” Brady and Deucey are...

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Tips to Choose Summer Food for Babies

Tips to Choose Summer Food for Babies     For the newborn babies, kids, and toddlers, the trickiest time is summer season. The infants and little kids are easy to get ill because the dehydration, heat stroke, and sunburn can impact on the babies if parents take care of them improperly. Nonetheless, mothers should not be too worry. We understand mothers’ interest in their love babies, so we want to share some of the tips related to summer food for kids. Let’s see! Choosing Summer Food for Kids with Following Tips Keep these tips in your mind when picking...

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