Author: Ali Dino

6 Tips For Moving With Children

According to research by, a removals company, 9-in-10 parents, or 87 percent, find moving stressful. Based on their research 1-in-5 parents find that their biggest worry during this stressful time was looking after their kids and keeping them entertained. That research led to introduce BoxForts. These are basically cardboard boxes that children can transform into forts. These BoxForts aren’t just a great way to alleviate a parent’s stress, they can also help a child overcome the psychological impact of the move. is currently testing the BoxForts with families. The first BoxFort is a single box that...

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Feet Tips For Pregnancy

Swollen feet are very uncomfortable, especially during pregnancy. The swelling might happen around your ankles, feet, hands or face. You should know that it’s normal during pregnancy and at least 75% of pregnant women experience it. What Are The Causes? Swollen feet or ankles, referred to as edema, happens because of the following reasons. It happens because of excess collection of fluid in the tissues. Note that, during pregnancy, the production of blood and other fluids in the body increases by 50% to meet the demands of the growing body. The increasing uterus will restricts veins and overall blood...

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Eight Simple Tips To Build A Better You

Want to be a better and more content person, then take a look at these eight tips on how to do so. Incorporate A Daily Good Deed It’s strange to think that being selfless is rooted in selfishness most of the time. In this case, you want to benefit from the feeling you get when doing a good deed. It can be for a friend, co-worker, or even a complete stranger. This is very beneficial when you’re feeling low, and you need a pickup of some kind. And while you might not see the point at first, just give...

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My Six Must-Haves in An International Travel

Everyone has that set of items that they would love to carry with them as they travel abroad. However, when that set of items is reduced to only 6 must-haves, you got to think thoroughly of your choice. With me for example, I would not leave my laptop behind. It is my source of livelihood and efficient communication. The other five things that I would not do without on an international travel include my phone power backup, an umbrella, a perfect backpack bag, pain medication, and a VISA card. 1. A Laptop With a laptop, you always get real-time...

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How to choose the best pregnancy pillow?

Your body will undergo drastic changes after a few months of pregnancy. It is the time when you have to realize that you are not only responsible for your well being but your baby as well. You need to consume healthy food because you are carrying for two. You need to take more rest than normal days. It is often difficult for a pregnant woman to get a sound sleep. She kept on waking up throughout the night because of the pain in some body parts. Since there is no support, so the body areas become sore. The best...

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