Author: Ali Dunn

Encouraging Individuality in Twins

From the moment I learned I was having twins, I had a lot to worry about. Would they be born early? Would I be able to tell them apart? Would I have enough time to meet their individual needs? In fact, I was so worried about giving equal attention to both babies that I used to alternate which baby I tended to first based on the day of the week! Over time, those fears have diminished. I know now that my twins get what they need from me without a schedule. But as a parent of multiples, fostering our...

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4 Tips For Decluttering Before the Holidays

It’s the most clutter-filled time of the year!  Before you bring holiday cards and gifts home, why not deal with the worksheets, school papers, and coloring pages that have accumulated this past year. As much as we can try to live in a paperless world, there will always be a traced hand turned into a turkey, sitting on your counter. And no one wants to live in a world where there is no place to put hand turkeys! Here is the system that works at my house to sort and store what is special, and get rid of the...

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Embracing Change, While Changing Diapers

By the time my twins were two, I had easily changed over 10,000 diapers.  Diapers so tiny they looked like they belonged to a doll and larger versions with cartoon characters and stretchy sides.  With each change in diaper size came a new phase.  Just when I felt competent in this daily ritual, a newly mobile infant’s wiggles would force me to be more present.  And then there was that period of time when play was far more interesting than a clean diaper, and I was reminded to slow down and be patient.  Or the period when a testing...

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Public Bathrooms & Potty Training- Tips From a Twin Mom

By the time your twins are toddlers, it’s safe to estimate that they have decimated over 6,000 diapers.  So it’s no surprise that you are ready, even a little excited about getting those tiny humans out of diapers and onto the potty.  But nothing can make you long for a blowout, even an up-the-backer, quite like the thought of taking two inquisitive, curious, toddlers into a public restroom.  As a self-proclaimed germaphobe, who has spent years perfecting my hover as to not actually sit on a communal toilet seat, I have considered every possible disgusting scenario and compiled my survival...

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Dressing Your Twins for Less

Having twins can be expensive. But clothing for your twosome isn’t something that needs to cost a lot of money. You can keep your kids looking cute on a budget with these tips. Realize You Don’t Need Two of Everything It is a personal decision whether to dress your twins alike. But there are economical reasons not to, at least not all the time. Having to purchase two of everything gets expensive quick. If you can live with your set being mismatched, your clothing can do double duty. And if you are intentional when you purchase basics, like tees...

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