Author: Amy Malloy

Dear other mum in coffee shop: I get you. Or do I?

Hello there. Hi. I’m just on the other side of the café. I can see you. You’ve just walked in with your baby, manoeuvred your buggy through the queue and one-handedly got yourself, baby and cuppa to the sofa. Nice work. What I also mean is, I can “see” you. I get it. As you start feeding your baby, I notice you glancing around the café. Most probably wondering what people are thinking, hoping they are not judging you for feeding in public. Don’t worry, my love, if anyone is judging you, it says more about them and you mustn’t worry. I remember...

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Have a ‘no shoulds’ summer: 3 tips for summer holiday calm

  I woke up the other day and realised I had a toddler. Err when did this happen? It feels like only yesterday I had a tiny baby and now she is a lot bigger and takes a lot more thought to entertain. Add into the mix the summer holidays, and none of our usual clubs are on – oh man, what do we do? Six whole weeks to fill and she is no longer happy with a day playing in the living room like she was as a tiny baby. Shizzle just got serious: we need to “do...

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To my pregnant self: 5 big things you’ll learn on maternity leave

By: Amy Malloy Visit Amy at Twitter and Facebook   A year ago today I had spent the morning rolling around like a hippo in the toddler end of the local lido, avoiding the heat and trying to de-swell my massive ankles. That icepop-guzzling-heavily-pregnant me had no idea what the next year would bring. Well, of course I had some idea. Everyone tells you: sleep, cinema trips, new wine bars – little; nappies, tears, giggles – lots. But looking back I was so focused on getting through the labour and getting a healthy baby out the other side of it, that I hadn’t thought much more about the realities of anything beyond that. Least of all how I would feel and what I would learn about myself in the process. Little did I know it would turn out to be the most utterly wonderful, utterly transformative and utterly challenging period of my life, in so many more ways than I can express. As it comes to an end and I find myself once more at my desk, with B in nursery, I feel fundamentally changed. So now I’m pulling a Marty McFly and writing back to that pregnant hippo with a few highlights of what she’ll find out about herself. The beauty of time is you can never know what lies around the corner. 1. You’ve haven’t just got...

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