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Crafts With Kids | It’s time to Embrace the “Maker” Spirit

As we approach Spring, play time  and crafts with  kids can seem a bit more messy and stressful, but the payoffs far outweigh the benefits. In many households, Mums are the ones who sit down to colour, paint and construct with the kids, but more and more dads want to do the same. Research shows that when dads spend time with their children, they are more in tune with their child’s abilities and personality and are better able to challenge them and nurture their talents and interests. This enhances a child’s self-esteem and makes them feel loved and valued....

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Re-finding the Great Outdoors, for Our Children’s Sake

Let’s talk about refinding the outdoors for our children. On his recent visit to Sweden, Prince William,  said something that really struck accord with me: “One lesson that we will take home with us, is that children are actively encouraged to spend time outdoors, whatever the weather.” I profess to neither being heavily pro or anti-monarch – but I have respect for William and Kate for their stand, not just as people, but as parents. They represent many organisations and virtues that we should take heed of. In fact outdoor play should be one of the biggest issues we...

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The 5 Essentials For Your Toddler Bag

I love going out for adventures with my son. After a long hard week at work, it’s that real quality time for us to explore the world and get firmly into my favorite part of #dadlife. As we’ve spent more and more time out doing different activities as he’s hit the core toddler years, I’ve learnt a lot about the things that we really need in the toddler bag. When I thought about all the things I thought we would need versus what we actually use I thought it would make a useful list to share. Here’s our essentials...

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Stay At Home Dad – time to change the mindset

Stay.At.Home.Dad. Rarely have four words put together created such a wave of misguided opinion. Brad at Dear Agony Dad probably sums it up best when he says: “I’ve always found that no matter what a dad does he is always viewed as a secondary parent. What I mean by this is that a mother is seen as the primary parent and leads over and above a father’s parental duties and responsibilities. This of course is utter BS.”   From the odd looks in the stores, to being the lonely minority in baby play groups, there’s a range of situations...

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