Author: Hindi Zeidman

The Building Blocks of Healthy Sleep Habits

  The first three months of life are often referred to as the fourth trimester when your little one is still adjusting to life outside of the womb. During this adjustment, baby is depending on your to lead in building healthy habits – including healthy sleep habits. At first you may be overwhelmed with your little one’s irregular sleep patterns. While it will be a gradual shift to sleeping more consistently at night, it will happen. So, how can you help support your little one through this transition during the first few months of life? Educate yourself on newborn...

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What You Need to Know When Choosing A Swaddle For Your Baby

Not every swaddle is made equal! Plenty of evidence shows that swaddling, when used correctly, can be a tremendous way to promote safe sleeping. The Safe Sleep Guidelines from the American Association of Pediatrics are clear: swaddling helps to keep babies on their back, which is the ideal sleep position to assist in preventing SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Since the guidelines also recommend that there be no blankets, pillows or bumper pads in the crib, your baby needs to be swaddled in a correct and optimal manner. Properly done, the swaddle will stay in place, keeping baby safe...

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Helping Your Toddler Bond with Baby

If your family is growing, you’re probably wondering how your family dynamic will change with the addition of a little one. As a mother, you already have a pretty good idea of what to expect . . . but your toddler or older child may not. Depending on their age, your older child will have a different comprehension of what it means to welcome a new baby into the family. While each family is different, we have some tips for how to help your toddler bond with your new baby. 1.     Talk about the baby. Your toddler...

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Top Ten Baby Items You’ll Be Thankful You Have

As an expectant first-time mom, it can be overwhelming (to say the least) to see all of the baby products that are on the market. There will be so many that you buy and never use, or find that they don’t particularly work for your little one or even that he has no interest in them. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of our top essential items (in no particular order) and how they will make your life easier.     First aid kit – You’ll hear this one from everyone. You may even receive 2-3 of them at...

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Keeping Baby Warm And Safe In The Car

As winter arrives and the weather is cooling down, you’re probably out shopping for winter essentials for your family. If you have a baby, or are an expectant mother, you might be at a loss for how to keep your little one safe and warm on-the-go. It may seem like a good idea to buy the thickest, puffiest jacket you can find, but that’s not the safest choice for your little one. Instead, use our tips below to keep your little one safe in the car and, more specifically, in her car seat. Use light layers. Layering is a great way to help your little one maintain the warmth that her body produces. But instead of using thick, bulky layers, try using lighter ones instead. Put another shirt on under her sweater and leggings on under her pants. Use two pairs of socks and pack mittens and a hat.   Never buckle her in with her jacket on. You never want to buckle your little one into her car seat with a bulky jacket on. The straps of her car seat will have to be loosened to fasten around the jacket, but still won’t be as snug as necessary to keep her safe. Plus, you or the next person to buckle her in without the jacket could forget to tighten it back, leaving her at a greater risk of getting...

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