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Babysitting tips for teens

Originally posted here by Dr. Elizabeth “Raine” Johnson, MD, at Texas Children’s Hospital   Babysitting is a huge and exciting responsibility. As a pediatrician I often get asked for advice when a teen is getting ready for his or her first babysitting job. Here is a list of my “babysitting do’s and don’ts.” Babysitting do’s Your first priority is keeping the kids safe. It’s important to know the home address and home phone number. Make sure you have a list of emergency numbers including: Parents name, phone number Back up adult in the event parents are unreachable 911 Poison...

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Joseph’s story: Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Originally posted here by Dr. Katherine Leaming Van-Zandt, emergency medicine physician at Texas Children’s Hospital October is Down Syndrome Awareness month! As many of us celebrate, advocate and support those with Down syndrome, my family and I thought we’d share our own personal journey of raising and loving a sweet, little boy named Joseph Dash. With enthusiasm and excitement, Dash’s older sisters, Maya and Emily, have also contributed to this blog … and, provide a wonderful perspective and reflective outlook on their little brother! When we first discovered our son had Trisomy 21, or Down syndrome, my husband and...

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Are kids consuming too much caffeine?

Originally posted here by Dr. Adele Reeder, pediatrician at Texas Children’s Hospital.  Earlier this year, a teenager in South Carolina died after consuming a café latte, Mountain Dew and an energy drink within the span of a few hours. The consumption of such a large amount of caffeine in such a short time was thought to have induced a deadly abnormal heart rhythm. Tragic events like these are rare, but they highlight a changing trend in caffeine consumption among children. According to a 2014 study in Pediatrics, 73 percent of children consume caffeine on a daily basis. This percentage...

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Creating a cheerleading emergency kit: Preventing and treating common cheer-related illnesses and injuries

Originally posted here by Dr. Katherine Leaming Van-Zandt, emergency medicine physician at Texas Children’s Hospital. Like many others, I enjoy spending time with my children and watching them participate in their sporting events and activities! With two daughters on all-star and school cheerleading teams, it’s difficult not to get caught up in the thrill of seeing them learn new cheerleading and tumbling skills, build confidence and self-esteem both individually and as a team, and perform exhilarating, yet exhausting, routines during a game or competition. However, even as I’m mesmerized and amazed by the extreme, fast-paced tumbling, gravity-defying jumps, and...

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Weight Training For Teens and Kids

Originally posted here by Dr. Daren Molina, sports medicine physician at Texas Children’s Hospital. Your son or daughter wants to start a weight training program. Where do you start? How do you help them to be successful and safe? Is it OK for them to be lifting weights at all? Are they too young? What if they’re still growing? All of these are common questions asked by parents of children we see in our Sports Medicine Program here at Texas Children’s Hospital. There are several things to consider when helping your young athlete start a weight training program. Make...

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