Author: Jennifer Landis

5 Great Road Trips You Should Take With Your Family This Spring

Spring is finally here, and it’s time to start planning those awesome spring break vacations. Road trips can be a great way to spend time with the family and see everything this awesome country has to offer without breaking the bank or spending your entire vacation fund on airline tickets. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some great road trips you should take with your family to jump-start your vacation planning. Enjoy the End of Winter in Vermont It might be tempting to make a bee-line for the nearest temperate state, but you can have a...

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6 Ways How Being Pregnant Affects Your Whole Health

Lots of weird stuff happens to your mama-to-be body while pregnant. Teenage acne can pop up while Aunt Flo takes her vacation. You become Rubber Woman as your skin gets all stretchy — if only the rest of you were that bendy. Your boobs go up a cup or two, but they also will have to deal with a nipping baby. Here are the 6 ways how being pregnant affects your whole health. Those changes are typically temporary, but carrying the baby bun can permanently impact your body and health. Say hello to your future mom-bod and all the...

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How to Nurture the Relationship Between Your Child and Their Grandparents

The typical family unit once encompassed parents and children, but recent data reveals that families increasingly reside in multi-generational households. In 2014, 60.6 million grandparents lived in a multigenerational home — about one in five in America. Today, grandparents live longer, more youthful lives. Grandparents living in the household can greatly benefit the family dynamic. They can offer life advice and pick the kids up from school when parents have to work long hours. Parents remember the involvement of their grandparents in their own childhood, and it’s understandable that they want to pass on that experience with their folks...

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Daycare or Preschool: Which Is Right for Your Toddler?

It’s one of the hardest decisions a parent can make — is my child ready for preschool? When your little one hits age four or five, depending on when their birthday falls, it’s time to start considering what the best option will be for your child. What kind of environment are you looking for, and do you think your child could benefit from the educational head start that preschool provides? Here are a few well-tested tips and tricks to help you decide whether daycare or preschool is the right choice for your toddler. What Kind of Environment Am I...

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