Author: Jennifer Landis

How to Nurture the Relationship Between Your Child and Their Grandparents

The typical family unit once encompassed parents and children, but recent data reveals that families increasingly reside in multi-generational households. In 2014, 60.6 million grandparents lived in a multigenerational home — about one in five in America. Today, grandparents live longer, more youthful lives. Grandparents living in the household can greatly benefit the family dynamic. They can offer life advice and pick the kids up from school when parents have to work long hours. Parents remember the involvement of their grandparents in their own childhood, and it’s understandable that they want to pass on that experience with their folks...

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Daycare or Preschool: Which Is Right for Your Toddler?

It’s one of the hardest decisions a parent can make — is my child ready for preschool? When your little one hits age four or five, depending on when their birthday falls, it’s time to start considering what the best option will be for your child. What kind of environment are you looking for, and do you think your child could benefit from the educational head start that preschool provides? Here are a few well-tested tips and tricks to help you decide whether daycare or preschool is the right choice for your toddler. What Kind of Environment Am I...

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This Is What New Parents Need to Know About Teething

Teething is a new parent’s worst nightmare. Your baby is crying, in pain and probably tired. But even though it’s tempting to call up your grandma and ask about old wives’ tales, or grab a store-bought solution, those aren’t always the best moves. Teething happens to every baby, but the important thing to remember is that it won’t last forever. You will sleep again someday! Teething Should Not Cause Fevers A fever is the result of illness, not pain. A baby’s body temperature may feel elevated if they’ve been crying a lot or wrapped up for bed, but those...

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7 Things You May Not Have Thought of Before Giving Birth

You’re excited and nervous. You’d probably feel a whole lot better if you could get a decent stretch of uninterrupted sleep. You know that third-trimester sleeplessness is the body’s way of preparing for night feedings, but this before-the-fact stuff is ridiculous. When the baby cries, you will get up and — yes — you will be exhausted. Body lesson learned. The nursery is furnished, made up and stocked with supplies. You have confirmation that the infant car seat is installed properly. Your bags are packed, and heck yes, you’re ready for those first contractions so you can get this...

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When Should You Take Your Child to the Eye Doctor?

No one likes the idea of getting glasses or contact lenses — they’re awkward, they’re too easy to break, and glasses, at least, leave you vulnerable to mockery. In spite of this, glasses are often necessary to ensure that we can see properly, and for children, it becomes especially important — it’s hard to make it through the school day when you can’t even see the whiteboard from the back of the classroom.  When should you consider taking your child to the eye doctor and what should you expect when you get there? Your Child is at Least 6...

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