Author: Jennifer Landis

10 Fun Facts About Babies You Should Know Before You Have One

Babies are fascinating little humans. After carrying one in your womb for nine months, you deliver a fully-formed human being, but did you know that if your baby continued to grow at the same rate that they do during the first year of their life, they’d be more than 25 feet tall by the time they finished growing? Crazy! If you thought that fact was fascinating, here are 10 more fun facts you should know about babies before you think about having one. How About the Bees…er, Babies’ Knees? As cute as those little knees are after your baby...

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10 Safety Tips for Springtime at the Park

Winter is over — the snow is gone, and the spring melt is drying up. With temperatures rising, you’ll want your children to get outside more often. What better way to encourage outside play than going to the park. Parks offer a variety of enjoyable activities as well as a chance to interact with nature. Maybe your children have already been asking you to take them there. Before you make a day of it, here are ten safety tips for springtime at the park. Dress for Safety Check you local weather before you head out. Make sure no rain...

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What to Do If You Suspect Your Child Has Hearing Problems

    We all think our children are perfect from the moment they’re born. When problems arise, it can be easy for us to overlook the signs and symptoms, and it can difficult to convince ourselves and others that there might actually be a problem. Hearing problems, especially for younger children who can’t yet communicate, can be difficult to diagnose. What should you do if you suspect your child might have problems with their hearing? Types of Hearing Loss There are four common types of hearing loss: Sudden hearing loss can be caused by a variety of things, and...

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7 Clever Ways to Get Your Sweat on While Pregnant

Now that you’re working out for two, you have to get a little creative to be sure you experience all of the benefits of exercising without putting either one of you at risk. The further along you get in your pregnancy, the more challenging it may be to consistently exercise, but if you can keep it up, you will feel better and be more prepared for childbirth. These seven workouts will help you stay active and safe during your pregnancy. Join an Aerobics Class Participate in a low impact aerobics class designed for pregnant women. You’ll get to meet...

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7 Ways to Stay Happy and Healthy During a Winter Pregnancy

No matter the season, pregnancy brings its fair share of challenges. Whether that’s staying cool in summer or staying safe while traveling in winter, new and veteran moms alike worry about how best to care for themselves and baby — without going crazy in the process. Although pregnancy worries can seem insurmountable at the time, there are a number of simple, common sense things you can do to keep you and baby healthy and happy throughout your pregnancy. Here are seven simple tips to get you through a winter pregnancy: Take Your Vitamins Taking a daily vitamin is one...

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