Author: Jennifer Traynor

Redefining Myself One Word at a Time

  Words. They can tell a magical story, be used to express the deepest of emotions or utilized to teach the most valuable lessons. Words can make us laugh when we hear a joke, make us smile when we hear a song that reminds us of the good old days or make us sad when we hear a phrase that was perhaps uttered by someone we miss dearly. Words can inspire us. Words can transform us; they can take us down or build us up. Yes, words can be very powerful, and sometimes none more powerful than the words...

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A Heartfelt Song for a Good Cause

Originally posted here by Mama @ Heart Meet Alicia Rae, a talented singer-songwriter and self-taught guitarist from Washington, DC. This soulful songstress recently launched her latest single called Little Warrior, in honour of her friend, Maddie Grace, a 10-year-old girl who lost her battle with Leukemia in October 2015.  My first listen to this beautiful song immediately evoked emotion in me. The lyrics are so powerful, talking about strength, courage, hope and fearlessness.  I loved Alicia’s inspiring message in the song – that no matter what battles you may face, stand tall and fight on with faith and love....

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Making Memories One Game At a Time

Originally posted on Mama @ Heart In today’s technology-driven society it’s nice to unplug and enjoy time together as a family. This is something that is important to me as a mom, and while I must admit that we don’t unplug as much as I would like us to, it is definitely a work in progress. One activity we have gotten more into as a family in the past few months (especially my five-year-old son) is playing board and card games! Introducing this fun activity to my kids has brought back many wonderful memories from my childhood. Growing up...

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Why I’m Going on Dates With My Kids (And Why You Should Too!)

I’ve written on my blog before about the importance of “me” time (twice, in fact) and couples taking a break from their parenting life to spend quality time together. Here is why I think both are so important: taking time on your own or with your spouse, to de-stress and do something you enjoy, not only helps bring more happiness within yourself, but also in your relationship as a couple. It can have a domino effect – happy individual, happy couple, happy family. But what about having quality, one-on-one time with your kids? Is this not equally important to...

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Toys Are Toys, No Matter Which Gender

Dear Toys R Us, I have been a customer of yours for some time now and while I don’t have intentions to discontinue doing so, I will say that I often dread bringing my son and daughter in your store with me. And it’s not about the fear of them wanting to buy every toy they see! What concerns me is the message I worry they might be getting from your store set up. Why is your store divided with separate sections for girls (indicated with pink banners) and boys (indicated with blue banners)? Toys are toys, no matter...

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