Author: Jennifer Traynor

Teach Your Kids to Love Yoga One Story at a Time

Over the years I have discovered many ways that yoga is beneficial in my life. It has aided me at times when I have felt very stressed, anxious or depressed. Practicing yoga during these moments assisted in calming me emotionally and mentally, which in turn helped give me the focus to work through my struggles. It is clear that yoga has many physical, emotional and mental benefits for adults, which is why I think it is also very useful for children, and have recently taken more of an interest in teaching my kids about yoga. I have used my...

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How the Magic of Pretend Play Makes Learning Fun

I love watching my children play. It’s nice to observe them getting lost in their toys, concentrating on building a tall tower out of blocks or zooming trucks around the living room. But I especially enjoy watching them when they get lost in their own make-believe worlds, pretending to be different people or animals. The stories they create as they transform into these new identities is so fun and sometimes humorous to me and my husband, especially when the kids will insist we join in to their made-up scenes. It’s really quite nostalgic for me as I used to...

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10 Family-Friendly Summertime Outings

Summertime. It’s a great time of year. The weather is nice, warm and sunny. Children are home from school and parents may take some time off work. Though we all may look forward to this wonderful season, it is one that can drag on for some, especially with kids complaining about being bored. And while some families might be able to go away on a vacation, and some parents may resort to various camps or summer programs for their kids, other parents might find themselves scrambling to find ideas to keep their children happily occupied. 6 Ways to Get...

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Parenting Through Depression: 5 Ways I’m Coping

As some of you know, the last few months have been rather challenging for me as I have been struggling with depression. It has been an overwhelming, frustrating and exhausting time for me and my family. I have faced some very dark days and it’s hard to think of my kids witnessing it. This woman that I was becoming — sad, angry, irritable, tired, withdrawn — this is not the mother I want to be to them. This is not the example I want to set for my kids. I want to show them that I believe in myself...

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Redefining Myself One Word at a Time

  Words. They can tell a magical story, be used to express the deepest of emotions or utilized to teach the most valuable lessons. Words can make us laugh when we hear a joke, make us smile when we hear a song that reminds us of the good old days or make us sad when we hear a phrase that was perhaps uttered by someone we miss dearly. Words can inspire us. Words can transform us; they can take us down or build us up. Yes, words can be very powerful, and sometimes none more powerful than the words...

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