Author: Jordan Hughes

Heading back to work, my top 5 realisations

After over a year off work, I headed back. I am a small business owner, so I was never completely out of it, but I was never completely in it either. Working from home with a baby/toddler is a whole different experience, i’ve gone from video calls with a full face of make-up but PJ bottoms on my lower half, to performing a duet with a baby on my knee.  I have always been into my work, I am lucky to work for myself and have my sister working with me. I didn’t think I would ever consider not...

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Two can be the loneliest number

@jordan_JH Instagram: Jordan_JH I love being a Mummy. I really love being a Mummy.  I feel like sometimes you have to say that before you start to say anything remotely negative about the motherhood experience, and this isn’t a negative post, just an honest and hopefully a helpful one. When I found out I was pregnant I was living with my sister in our flat in East London and taking as many trips to NYC as I could in a year. I worked a lot and went out a lot with our circle of friends. London is great for...

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