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Eight Travel Tips for Tots (and the Parents that Drag them Places)

By. O. Michele Giacomini It’s that time of year when parents stress out over planning and packing for a vacation, for which they will attempt to bundle up the entire house, including their kiddos, to take on their awesome adventure. Much of that stress comes from worrying about what to do with the kids WHILE travelling. But there’s no need to worry. Follow my tips and you can be sure to have a pleasant and memorable journey of joy! Before we begin with fun tips, let me share a little logistics tip that has served me very well over...

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Not Just a Party, but an Experience of a Lifetime

Originally posted here. This month’s “Dad of the Month” is an inspiring man who’s best friend and business partner is his twin brother. He is humble, kind, loves what he does and knows how to coordinate a fantastic party! But not just any party, but an experience of a lifetime. I am talking about Jian Magen of Magen Boys Entertainment (MBE). At a very young age, twin brothers Jian and Page Magen had a natural ability to bring people together to celebrate. Out of the love and passion of creating lasting memories for people through events, came the start...

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An Average Day as Momma Braga Part II

Welcome to the afternoon shift which is part II to the series of An Average Day as Momma Braga. Hope everyone enjoyed part I 🙂 My husband’s afternoon shift is one of my favourite shifts as its Monday to Friday from 2:20 pm to 10:40 pm. Our average day starts at 8 am which in my world is the best time ever! At this time our morning routine is already in full swing. My husband takes on making the beds and getting our daughter all ready for the day. I take on the task of the kitchen. First task...

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Giving Each Event its Own Unique ID with Inspired Designs

This month’s “Mom of the Month” is an inspiring graphic designer for just over ten years. She also enjoys making and building things. She is humble to say that she can’t draw to save her life, but has a creative side in many other ways. This rings true as soon as you see the beautiful creations done by Marissa at ID Inspired Designs who is our Mom of the Month. I had the opportunity to connect with Marissa to get to know more about this great mom and her company. What does your company do? We design, print and...

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New to Shelves: The SINC Series Continues….

Interface - SINC2
Find this exciting follow up in the SINC series online here!
Still available, the first book of the SINC series online here!