Author: Niamah Shaw

Make Over Your Mornings

I distinctly remember sometime after my 2nd baby was born, i felt like i was drowning. For me, this was sometime around the 3rd month, when the adrenaline from having a new baby wore out and i found myself staying in jammies for most of the days and not washing my face until sometime around the afternoon… BUT here’s the thing, those were choices I WAS MAKING, it had nothing to do with being too busy or not having time. Those were LIES i was telling myself. I was giving myself the permission to be a horrid mess because, “I had...

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Is it OK to talk about our children?

I have noticed something absolutely amazing about children…when you call them or when you are giving instructions or directions, they consciously or not, tune you out when they feel like it but somehow, they can sense when you ARE about to talk about them, and suddenly they take an extra 5 minutes to walk up the stairs, need water or something else that forces them to stick around a little longer, or team up with a younger sibling to eavesdrop. I cannot count how many conversations end with “don’t tell this to “x” person” or “this is a secret”, “pinky...

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Fisher-price Rainforest Baby Swing

Fisher-price Rainforest Baby Swing This swing was a life saver with not just 1 but all 4 of my babies. And they are definitely built to last because I have used the same one with all 4 and it is still working the way it did when we first used it. The reasons I LOVE this swing and highly recommend it is: -It folds up easily when not in use and it also has the battery operated option as well as the electrical plug in option. YES to saving money on batteries!! -It has 2 different swing positions so...

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