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My Wife Can Produce Over 700 Pounds of Breast Milk a Year and I Can Prove It

My wife and I are analytical people, so when she came across an app called Baby Connect, which would allow us to track our son Duncan’s daily feedings, sleeping hours, diaper changes, etc., we were all-in.  It allowed for multiple users to update concurrently, so even if one of us was out and the other person was watching him, both people would be able to see the updated data in real time.  Over time, as we built up a database of information, which also included my wife’s nursing times and breast pumping yields, we were able to track progress and...

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Yak Lives Matter: Why Baby Clothes Desperately Need Affirmative Action

I’m a product of corporate America, where you are taught things like, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” and that diversity and inclusion lead to better performing teams, improved financial outcomes, and enhanced overall corporate cultures.  Well, four months into being a new father, I pretty much had to discard those ingrained convictions relative to my son’s wardrobe, which is about as diverse as a KKK rally in the deep south. I failed to notice this lack of diversity upon acquisition and receipt of my son’s clothes, which for the most part were generously gifted to...

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How Donald Trump’s Victory Forever Changed My Perspective on Baby Poop

According to Baby Center’s Complete Guide to Baby Poop, there is a wide variety of normal pooping frequency among babies; some poop after every meal and some poop only once or twice per week, while the color and consistency may vary based on age or other circumstances.  They stress that what is important is not so much the frequency of the poop, but rather that it is coming out reasonably soft. The norms for frequency, color, and consistency did not hold true for America on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.  Nearly 61 million citizens from these United States deposited a...

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