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How to bring your postpartum body back to shape

How to bring your postpartum body back to shape   The joy of becoming a mom cannot be put into words. There’s no happiness as great as the one a mother feels when watching her child grow up healthy, confident and strong. However, even though being a mom is going to be your true full-time job, that doesn’t mean that you have to neglect your own needs and wants. What’s more, if you feel content with yourself, you’ll be a great role model to your child. So, if those extra pounds you carry after childbirth make you anxious, take...

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New Brock research examines forgetfulness in preschoolers

New Brock research examines forgetfulness in preschoolers   In spite of their best intentions, three- and four-year-old kids often struggle with remembering what they were supposed to do.   Prospective memory, or the memory of future intentions, is the focus of a new Brock University study by Caitlin Mahy, Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology, and her research team, student Lydia Lavis and lab manager Amanda Krause.   The researchers are exploring two possible reasons why children forget, and whether these reasons differ depending on a child’s age.   “Children forget either because of memory failure, when they...

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Juggling Children

Juggling Children By: Karen Dennis From The Next Best Thing To Mummy This is a request from Julie Tallin, thanks Julie, for tips on how to divide your time and attention between several children. In my experience, trying to juggle several children at once is easy, if managed correctly. I used to try to include everyone together, so nobody feels left out. I can recall my youngest son always wanting to be treated as a ‘big boy’ ( due to the fact that he had 3 older brothers). One day he picked up a book, that one of his...

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Intro to Golden Life Adventures

Intro to Golden Life Adventures   It all started when I met AJ in a trauma room of the local emergency department. We’re not here to talk about that, however, and the adventures that commenced since, but rather our desire to travel the world. We are currently on day 40 of a 180 day overlanding adventure through Mexico, and hopefully Central America. This is my perception of our adventure, and how we live our dreams.       If you know us, or work healthcare and/or emergency services, then I am confident you can appreciate how precious life is....

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What do you really need in a baby diaper bag?

What do you really need in a baby diaper bag?   Have you purchased a diaper bag recently? Thinking to pack the diaper bag properly? Undoubtedly it is a matter of confusion that what to pick and what not with your diaper bag. Take a premium solve here. We have shared the best tips of what do you really need in a baby diaper bag. All the above tips will help you to pack your diaper bag rapidly as well as efficiently. If you follow all the above suggestions and support them correctly, then it will be more comfortable...

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