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7 Tips For Carpooling with BubbleBum’s Grainne Kelly

BubbleBum’s Grainne Kelly Shares her Best Tips for Making Carpooling Easy and Stress-free Busy families rely on carpooling moms and dads to get their kids to and from school and extra-curricular activities on time.  Carpooling can be a real nightmare if you’re not organized. Here are her best safety tips for carpooling families and friends heading back into the school season. •    Always buckle up. Parents are responsible for all passengers on board, including their carpooling guests. Be sure your guest riders are buckling up, and wearing their seat belts properly. For more information on seat belt safety, check out the Safe Kids...

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Celebrating Sisterhood with the Ultimate Chocolate Tour!

  Celebrating Sisterhood with the Ultimate Chocolate Tour!   Hanging out with your friends, even once in a while is integral to reconnecting with yourself. The person beyond the parent, the caregiver and the mentor. If you can, everyone once in a while, it’s nice to just be with your friends, sans children and relax and enjoy yourself. I know I needed this experience. I have three friends who are admitted chocoholics. My sister, who is about to get married and is dealing with the typical wedding planning becoming a second full time job. Her best friend, also getting...

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6 Ways to Get Your House Ready for a New Baby

How to Get Your House Ready for a New Baby   Having a baby is one of life’s most joyous events. Doing some thoughtful preparation before the big day arrives will be helpful for you and your family later on. The following outlines some easy ways to get your house ready for a new baby.   Clean from Top to Bottom Babies have fragile immune systems that need time to adapt and develop. Giving your house a thorough cleaning before the birth will eliminate dirt, bacteria, and viruses that could pose a challenge to a new baby. A clean...

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6 Ways To Improve Your Child’s Health

How to improve your child’s health Even hale and hearty adults are prone to allergies, colds, and infections now and again, let alone children whose immune systems didn’t have the time to develop and strengthen properly. For this reason, the main duty of every parent is to lay down the cornerstones for their kids’ long-term well being – but sadly, this is usually easier said than done. On the plus side, if you’re here, you’re about to find out all you need to know about introducing your child to the habits that will secure them a lifetime of wellness....

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My Twins Are Cuter! Twinspiring Clothing

With the birth of Beyonce’s twins and Amal Clooney’s twins, the world is seeing double! When Celebrity Baby Trends owner Rachel Urso introduced us to a fun brand for twins and their Moms, we knew our Moms of multiples would love this! When Dawn Motolese gave birth to her twins, she would boast how her twins were cuter! What Mother wouldn’t? This proud mother of four’s proud saying to her daughters became so much more than a cute compliment. On a beach vacation on 2012, Dawn took notice of just how many twins they actually encountered on their week...

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