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Gender-Neutral Baby Gift Guide

Gender-Neutral Baby Gift Guide Not knowing the baby’s sex before it is born can be a beautiful surprise for everyone, but it can also be troubling. Baby showers or finding the appropriate gifts might be the most problematic thing about it. Maybe you wish to buy pink clothing for a baby girl or awesome toys for the baby boy, but since you don’t know the sex you may struggle. However, not all hope is lost for the baby shower gifts, because there are thousands of interesting and beautiful gender-neutral gifts you can rely on, and here are some of...

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Pregnancy Prep: 4 Tips To Help With A High-Risk Pregnancy

Pregnancy Prep: 4 Tips To Help With A High-Risk Pregnancy   Whatever their cause, high-risk pregnancies are frightening. You may find yourself constantly worried about the new life inside you or bored to tears on bed rest and other restrictions. Though there is no magic formula to whisk away the concerns a high-risk pregnancy brings, there are things you can do to help yourself both physically and emotionally during this difficult time. Treat Known Issues Early Women with diabetes, high blood pressure and other health issues have an increased risk of trouble during pregnancy. Gestational diabetes is also a...

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How buying an expensive stroller saved me money

How buying an expensive stroller saved me money When my husband and I were expecting our first baby, it was the most exciting, sought-after event in my family. We wanted the very best of the best for our newborn, all while trying to stick toa budget. Although, we did splurge on a few essentials, it turned out to be a good call. After 3 kids and 10 years, the few hundred dollars we shelled out for this one stroller has paid for itself 3 times over. A very close cousin of mine decided to save money and go with...

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Our Only Pregnancy Companion is PreggoBox!

Congratulations! You have found out that you are going to have a baby in the next nine months. Pregnancy can be a beautiful but overwhelming experience as your body changes and gets ready for baby. It’s hard to sort through all of the products you will want to have along you rpregnancy journey.  You need a companion that you can trust to help you every step of the way and we would recommend PreggoBox for the job! It’s time to get the Preggo Experience! Yes, this is your TIME to be pampered! Searching for a variety of items can...

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Mom of The Month- Anna from Beachbody!

  My personal Facebook page My coach page My Beachbody page Instagram We chose Anna as our Mom of the Month because she is passionate about Moms getting healthy both emotionally and physically. Anna knows that a health journey can begin and it is not only a straight line to the top. She encourages her followers to be healthy, happy and fit and is motivated by her adorable son. Read more about Anna and her journey with Beachbody… What motivates you? That one awesome pair of expensive jeans I wore once before my weight gain...

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