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6 Hip Opening Stretches To Relieve Pain During Pregnancy

   It is conventional for pregnant women to experience hip pain, especially in the last trimester when the baby has grown much bigger. For some soon-to-be moms with a high tolerance for pain, this is nothing but a minor annoyance. For others, however, it can lead to sleep disruption and interference of regular daily activities.   Many factors contribute to hip pain, and the primary culprit is the hormone relaxin. According to a spokesperson for the American Physical Therapy Association Amy Humphrey, DPT, who is also a physical therapist at Body Dynamics, Inc., this neurotransmitter helps loosen up the...

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Posh Pushers Is Here For Your Delivery!

  When you’re in labor and you are in the delivery room, there can be so much going on at once! The nurse hands you your labor gown and it looks as thin as paper, not to mention it is not very comfortable. Labor can be uncomfortable (to say the least) for many and to be as comfortable as possible is integral for Mommy to be. Labor gowns that you buy are either uncomfortable with the Mother’s needs not in mind or they are just plain ugly. Celebrity Baby Trends Rachel Urso introduced us to Posh Pushers and we...

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How To Make Your Home And Garden Child-Proof

When it comes to keeping your child safe around your home and garden, there is no handbook that tells you right from wrong. Truthfully, becoming a parent is a massive learning curve; however, your top priority will always be ensuring safety, and this can manifest in anything from clearing away any electricals that may harm your child, to investing in Kenwood damp proofing services to ensure your home is clean and free from spores that could harm your child’s health. Alongside the above, however, there are many ways to ensure your home and garden is child-proof – these are...

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Does Your Child Have A High Fever? 4 Top Tips To Reduce Their Temperature

Does Your Child Have a High Fever? Top Tips to Reduce Their Temperature One of the scariest parts of being a parent is when your child is ill. A high fever can be dangerous if it can’t be brought back to normal quickly. Here are some tips to help you reduce your child’s temperature. Try a Bath A moderately warm bath can help to bring your child’s temperature down. The water may be able to cool the surface of their skin. This will bring the warmer blood up to the surface to reheat the area. The caution with this...

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10 Best Laundry Detergents for Sensitive Skin

10 Best Laundry Detergents for Sensitive Skin You don’t need o have sensitive skin to protect your baby’s health and consider special detergents. As a mom you have all the reasons to decide not to wash your tiny human’s clothes along with your in a common load. Still, you face almost double the laundry you had before just because your child has more outfits for one day. Your few-pounds baby needs protection from allergy triggers such as chemical fragrances, alcohol and brighteners. The choice is difficult as FDA doesn’t clearly regulate the term hypoallergenic. So, should you take the...

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