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17 Tips for Dealing with Morning Sickness

17 Tips for Dealing with Morning Sickness You’ve performed a pregnancy test at home and found that a new bundle of joy is on the way. There isn’t a better time to be more excited! Having babies is fun. But at the same time, being pregnant can be a nightmare, especially when morning sickness comes knocking. Although it does no harm to your unborn child, the effects can be really unpleasant. So what does morning sickness feel like? Well, some of the most common morning sickness symptoms include nausea, vomiting, headaches, queasiness, general body weakness, and in some cases,...

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Touch The Earth

Grammy nominated singer songwriter, photographer, documentarian and philanthropist Julian Lennon wants your child go receive the most precious gift, a white feather. In his children’s book, ‘Touch The Earth’, the white feather symbolizes giving life and your children will learn the importance of the world around them. Along with international best selling author of novels and non fiction books, Bart Davis, this beautiful story is a woven tapestry of metaphor and meaning and teaching your children to be active in the world around them. Children as young as three years old will be introduced to an airplane that has...

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Choose Your Own Adulthood

When your child begins to grow into a young adult many parents want to help through their voyage from high school to college and beyond. The world can be a scary place and it’s been years since you have experienced this feeling of choosing your own adventure. Autho Hal Runkel, is one of the world’s most trusted resources for life improvement and he is going to help your child choose their own adulthood. Cleverly named, this book makes reference to the wonderful “Choose Your Own Adventure” children’s books, except your child is the hero and this is their life.Hal...

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8 Simple Tricks To Stay Motivated When Things Fail

8 Simple Tricks To Stay Motivated When Things Fail   The Challenge: It’s difficult to stay motivated when things get rough. The Science: Studies have shown that motivation is directly related to finding happiness and success. The Solution: You can stay motivated by practicing these simple tips that can increase your positivity amidst the problems.   When everything is going smoothly the way we planned, happiness is so natural. We are so happy that we achieved our plans, or we got our dream car or house that we have been dreaming of for a long time. It’s a human...

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Home Decor Improvement Ideas Leveraging Custom 3d Wall Panels

Home Decor Improvement Ideas Leveraging Custom 3d Wall Panels If you thought that wall paint designs and wallpapers are the best that you could do for your walls, then this piece may just be an eye-opener for you.  Imagine waking up to the wall with bright shiny foliage in various shades of green or to a sight of an ancient stonework panel. Alternatively, consider for a minute that you walk into a room that looks like it is a cavity inside a glacier. Do you feel like I am talking about scenes of some movie or its visual effects?...

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