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Babies Don’t Keep

By: Ashley From Real Talk Mom   Everything first for my youngest is my last. I will never have a first smile, first laugh, first sleeping through the night, first baby food, first roll over… You get the picture. All these firsts are so exciting with your first child. You know you’ll have more so you kinda rush it. I couldn’t wait for her first crawl and walk. Sometimes I feel like I rushed her life and never really enjoyed it. I honestly do not remember her as a baby. I look at pictures and videos and that doesn’t...

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Blogger of the Week: Modern Dad Guru

Our blogger of the week is Modern Dad Guru! This great writer is honest, fun and is a great go to blog for Mums and Dads.   What inspired you to start your blog?  Becoming a dad was a life changing moment. The moment my son Finn joined us, was incredible. It is impossible to describe in words just how euphoric that feeling is. My every thought and decision is now centered around my little ninja. I thought it would be fantastic to connect with other parents online and share my experiences and learn from others. The online parenting...

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Nursery Dream: 4 Adorable Ideas For Your Little Boy

Nursery Dream: 4 Adorable Ideas For Your Little Boy   When you find out that you’re having a baby boy, you might begin planning the nursery in colors of blue and white. While these colors are typical of a boy’s nursery, you can incorporate other fun colors and adorable designs that go against the traditional themes. If you begin with a theme that doesn’t necessarily fit with a newborn, it makes it easier to change the room once the baby gets older.   Animal Safari Teddy bears are a common staple in a nursery, but you can take the...

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How the Arrival Movie got Parenting Right

How the Arrival Movie got Parenting Right By Alexis Marie Chute The Arrival movie was nominated for eight Academy Awards at last night’s Oscar’s celebration. It brought home the win for Best Sound Editing, which makes sense being a film about language and communication – not to mention Aliens. However, it wasn’t the film’s impressive cinematography or audio that captured my attention. As a parent – and a bereaved mom – I was captivated for a different reason. I have three living children ranging from seven-years-old to one. My second born, Zachary, who would have been six, died in...

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