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Announcing Your Baby’s Been Made – Part 1

Announcing Your Baby’s Been Made – Part 1 These days there seems to be a trend towards creating a fun or quirky way to let your friends and family know you’ve got a baby on the way. For example, one lady had been on a trip to Vegas with her husband and actually managed to tee up with the pilot on their flight home to announce that he was going to be a dad (if you’re keen check out the film of her announcement here). I reckon I’ve got a corker up my sleeve for how I’m announcing it...

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Delivery Damage: 4 Pointers for Parents of Babies with a Birth Injury

Delivery Damage: 4 Pointers for Parents of Babies with a Birth Injury For most parents, the scariest thing that can happen is the injury of a child. However, what you may not know is that a serious injury could happen during a child’s birth. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, complications during birth lead to the deaths of 119 children for every 100,000 born. Birth injuries are a serious threat. Below are four things parents of children that have suffered birth injuries should know. Obtain Medical Assistance Immediately If you suspect your child is suffering from a...

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Safety or Good Samaritan? Teaching Points For Your Children

Safety or Good Samaritan?   As a parent you strive for teaching points to your children as they age but aren’t the best teaching points accidental?   Recently, while in upstate New York, my sons and I decided to explore the Devil’s Hole area.  This area is ripe with histories of native and English clashes and a brutal massacre.  It is also amazingly green and the Niagara River is so beautiful!   This hike wasn’t my normal, take off in the mountains, blaze my own trail hike but I will say this hike definitely has some challenges.  From the...

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Changing the “Coarse” of Curlee Hair: Interview with NaturallyCurly

Changing the “Coarse” of Curlee Hair: Interview with NaturallyCurly   Introducing our new blog series, “Changing the Coarse of Curly Hair”! In this series we interview curlee change makers: salon owners, hairdressers, curlee platforms, curlee journalists, and much more. Stay tuned, because Curlee Girlee is changing the coarse of curlee hair and it begins right here … Tuesday is blog day! I am honored to introduce Michelle Breyer, co-founder of NaturallyCurly, an amazing website and resource for curly hair.  Michelle and her business partner, Gretchen Heber, launched NaturallyCurly in 1998 with the help of a 14-year-old web designer. Today, NaturallyCurly...

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5 Risks of Alcohol Use During Pregnancy

5 Risks of Alcohol Use During Pregnancy When a pregnant woman drinks alcohol, the alcohol passes through the umbilical cord to the developing fetus. A number of serious health effects can result from this. Health care experts think that no amount of alcohol can be considered “safe” to drink during pregnancy and recommend avoiding alcohol while trying to become pregnant, while pregnant, while breast feeding, and even for those women who are sexually active and do not use contraception. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Consuming large amounts of alcohol is the cause of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). FAS is the collective...

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