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Cute Baby of The Week Is Evie Erin!

Our cute baby of the week is little Evie Erin! Do you want your baby or little one to be our next cute baby of the week? Email us at [email protected], answer these questions and send us a few baby photos! What is your babies name and why did you choose this name for your baby? Our baby’s name is Evie Erin. Her first name came from picking the first letter of my name (Ernie) and the first letter of my wife’s name (Victoria). Her middle name is a nod to the best quarterback the Green Bay Packers have...

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Bible Verses For Each Month of Your Pregnancy To Pray About

Bible Verses For Each Month of Your Pregnancy To Pray About For Christian Mothers and Moms to be, pregnancy is an amazing experience. It does not come without some doubts, fears and learning experiences. We have created a list of Bible verses for each month of your pregnancy to pray about and during birth. Through faith, study and the Word, we wish you a safe and happy pregnancy. 1st Trimester Month 1 You have discovered that you are pregnant! You may be waiting to tell your extended family the great news and you have just begun your appointments to check...

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Snuggle Me Organic | Patented Sensory Lounger For Baby

The Best Baby Lounger is Snuggle Me! Parents feel as though they have a hard choice to make with baby loungers. It does not have to be difficult! Our step by step guide to the best lounger is here. The One and ONLY Sensory Baby Lounger on the market is Snuggle Me. They are confident that you and baby will love it! The next best thing to being held in your arms is Snuggle Me. This baby lounger is designed to keep your baby in mind. How does it do that? Safety is The Snuggle Me Priority The design...

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Cute Baby of the Week is Gian Codie

Cute Baby of the Week is Gian Codie. His sweet sister nominated him as cute baby of the week. Gian Codie is from the Philippines and is a shining star! What is your babies name and why did you choose this name for your baby? My mom chose the name Gian Codie for my brother because My father name is starts with the letter ‘G’ and the Codie comes from the name of the boy in a movie we watched when I had my 1st communion. How Old is Gian Codie? He is now 3yrs old turnig 4 this...

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5 Things To Consider When Hiring A Private Investigator

Things to consider when hiring a private investigator There are many defining moments in life. When we stand at the base of a mountain staring up at the incredible tasks of life ahead. The seemingly endless weight of the world being added to your shoulder. There are sometimes when soliciting independent help is just the what you need. These are the things to consider when hiring a private investigator. Maybe a friend has suggested it, your lawyer has pushed it or it caught your attention in a film or show…but the use of a private investigator is usually something...

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