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3 Kid’s Birthday Party Ideas That Will Make You The Cool Mom

3 Kid’s Birthday Party Ideas That Will Make You The Cool Mom By: Brooke Chaplan Every mom wants to throw their child a cool party that will be the talk of the entire year among their friends. Younger kids are interested in entertainment, fun, and food which provides a pretty wide range of choices for a party. While you may want to throw the best possible party, you’ll want to be careful not to go overboard. This means planning it out, choosing a good venue, and managing the guest list. Here are a few ideas for great parties that...

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Crazy DIY Projects to Teach Your Kids Some Physics

Crazy DIY Projects to Teach Your Kids Some Physics Spending time with your kids is hard in this day and age – if you’re at work all day long and they’re in school or busy with extracurricular stuff, there’s no way you’ll have the time for each other. And when you eventually do, it’s not quality time, but just an activity some parents do in order to make their children happy. It’s almost like another chore they perform unwillingly. On the other hand, there are lots of parents who find time in their busy schedules to read to their kids, tuck them into bed, take them on road trips, help them with their homework and try to be an integral part of their childhood. Another great way to be a good parent is by sparking ideas in the mind of your kids and inspiring them to explore the world on their own – and if you want to turn this into something even better, start doing DIY projects with them and help them discover a thing or two they can’t learn at school. Here are some ideas you could look into.   Why are these projects good? First of all, these DIY science projects aren’t just an amazing way to spend time with your children, but also an activity they can benefit from significantly. No matter how good their...

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Baby’s Day Out: Tips on getting the best stroll ever for your newborn kid

  Baby’s Day Out: Tips on getting the best stroll ever for your newborn kid Taking your baby out to let the warmth of sunshine touch his skin might be alarming for a first time mom like you. There’s no need to fuss, though, because here are tips that help you be assured that your newborn gets his first baby’s day out best experience. Getting Started Elderly people would say not to let your baby be exposed with the heat of the sun especially when he is still at his early months. This notion is absolutely wrong because just...

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Stretch Mark Solutions…What Can Be Done Safely?

Stretch Mark Solutions…What Can Be Done Safely?   Women of all ages regardless of height, weight, or parental status are susceptible to stretch marks. This is a simple fact. Another fact, which will hopefully make you feel a bit better, is that supermodels yes, the bikini models you see in Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret, have stretch marks. If you’re like the 95% of the women out there you prefer them gone. Dr. Kirk Brandow, founder and director of the Brandow Clinic for Cosmetic Surgery in Philadelphia who has appeared on national programs such as Good Morning America and 20/20...

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