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The Best Teething Toys for Your Baby: Nissi & Jireh

 Teething Toys for Your Baby: Nissi & Jireh   A happy baby means happy parents. When your child is suffering from teething, it can be hard for the whole family. Parents need a pacifier and teethers that they can trust! Nissi & Jireh encourage parents to see the new way to hold a pacifier! They specialize in pacifier holders with plush toys and we are loving the concept. Online Baby Teething Shop This leading online baby teething shop has an exclusive collection of teething toys for your little one, all at the best price. No more worries on what...

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Top Mom Bloggers of 2018

Introducing Our Top Mom Bloggers We want to share with you Mom Bloggers from around the world who are making a difference in blogging. Whether it is witty, funny or insightful posts, these Moms have it all! Each blogger has been blogging for a minimum of 6 months and we will continue to update this list so we can add new and inspiring bloggers who enter the blogsphere. Check out these bloggers from Dubai to Denver covering everything parenting! We will be adding to this list through out the year. If you know your blog should be on this...

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4 Top Baby Moon Travel Spots To Vacation In 2018

It’s time to book that vacation Mom to be! Congratulations Mommy, you are pregnant and you feel like you should have a comfortable vacay before you become a Mom. You deserve some rest and you have to save up all of your energy for baby. Where should you plan to relax, recoup and enjoy yourself before Motherhood takes over? We’ve got your covered! Here are the Top Baby Moon Travel Spots for 2018. Remember to check with your doctor before traveling and book that trip and enjoy! Bermuda This British Territory is a Baby Moon heaven for pregnant Mommies...

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5 Top Ways To Convince Your Children To Get Rid of Their Old Toys

Have you ever just stared at your children’s bedroom and wondered, how did they EVER accumulate so many toys? Gifts from family and friends, Christmases, birthdays, I can feel like I am staring at a toy store and not a children’s bedroom! Sometimes, it’s good to do a spring cleaning, no matter what time of year it is! But how to you convince your children to get rid of their old toys? There are many ways to get your children to part with old toys that they are not playing with anymore. It’s just how you approach the situation....

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How I Caught Someone Stealing My Blog Posts and Fixed It

Someone has been stealing my blog posts and I stopped it. With our parent blogging advice doing so well with our readers, I knew I had to include some solutions for others in case it happens to them. I get a pingback. I freeze. They have taken so many articles! including  my blogger’s articles which include pictures of their children. I have proudly worked on The Baby Spot for years and I have had over 400 people write for this blogazine. When I started this movement, I never thought that I would be dealing with people stealing articles, but...

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