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How To Fail Selling Your Stuff On A Mom Page

@grace_cross1000 Hell hath no fury like a Mom Page’s Scorn I grew up in an Italian/Portuguese Croatian? Jamaican/Chinese area. There were so many great things about it! A lot of my friends were focused on soap operas. I never got into them. But let me tell you (and this may spark an argument) no soap opera topped the Brazilian soap operas. No matter what culture you came from, if you were at a house where a Brazilian soap opera was on the television, you shut up and watched. Even if you did not speak Portuguese you knew, stuff was...

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Big Kid Bed- Are They Ready?

Big Kid Bed- Are They Ready? Yep, this day comes for every parent. The secure and closed in sleeping space for your toddler needs to be upgraded. It is time for a big kid bed! Most toddlers between the ages of 2 and 3 move from their crib to a big kid bed and in most cases best to wait closer to 3. What if your child climbs out of the crib prematurely around 16 months or 18 months? Should you give them a bed? NO! This is a very early age for a big bed and with another...

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The NO World, AKA: Toddlerhood!

The NO World, AKA: Toddlerhood! As a mother of two adorable little toddler girls I stop myself before I say no when my first instinct is to say it. These poor little girls, if I did say no when my brain told me to that is all they would hear. Instead I avoid the word no as much as possible. I stop and think to myself how would I feed if someone told me no all time? Or even wonder why the world is made up of all no words? I even wonder to myself, how does this make...

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5 Fun Online Hobbies For Mums

  The job of being a mum is definitely not easy. At the end of the day, mums are spent and can’t wait to enjoy some time to themselves. Once the children has gone to bed for the night, many mums enjoy partaking in online hobbies. Shopping How many of you have seen a frazzled mum trying to shop with a crying child in tow? Fortunately mums today can shop from home thanks to the internet. Many sites offer free shipping deals which make shopping from home rather economical. Gaming While a night out on the town would be...

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How to Baby Proof a Living Room

How to Baby Proof a Living Room Your little one has arrived, still safely tucked in their crib hidden away from all the dangers of this great big world. It is our job as parents to look after them and protect them as much as we can. This includes making sure that the space they are growing up in is suited to their needs and as as safe as possible. It won’t be long now before your baby becomes a toddler, eager to explore and discover new areas of your home. This is why it is important to be...

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