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6 Weight Loss Friendly Foods You Need To Consume After Baby

6 Weight Loss Friendly Foods You Need To Consume After Baby When you gave birth to your baby, surely – one of the first things you want to do is to lose all those calories you gained from your pregnancy. While most moms think that losing weight after giving birth can be easy due to motherhood in general, there is a huge challenge in losing all the excess weight in a friendly and healthy manner. You may have achieved your desired appearances and fitness goals from crash diets and alike from before but your situation is now far different...

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Education Doesn’t Stop at Motherhood: 4 Tricks to Help You Stay in School

Education Doesn’t Stop at Motherhood: 4 Tricks to Help You Stay in School No doubt about it. Getting a degree makes a difference in your finances over the course of a lifetime. Most people who get degrees are expected to earn a couple million throughout their lifetimes. However, getting a degree can be challenging for moms-to-be and for single mothers. They already juggle a great deal and scheduling time for class plus work and child-related responsibilities is challenging to say the least. If you are a mom-to-be who’s thinking about quitting school (or if you’ve quit and want to...

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Name of Blog: Craft with Cartwright Website: Social Media Links: Meet our blogger of the month, Ruth from Craft With Cartwright. Her blog is exceptional. She is a textiles teacher and her ideas and inspiration are unlike others you find on the internet. She is honest, has unique blog posts that make you think and has definitely inspired The Baby Spot. We had to share her blog with all of you. Tell us what made you want to blog? I started blogging when I was on maternity leave with my first. It was a way of me sharing my crafts and keeping myself sane. It was rubbish in the beginning, it’s evolved and improved (I hope) along the way What is your blog about? I’m Ruth a 37 year old work from home mum. I have two lovely boys who keep me very busy. I was formerly a secondary school Textiles and Catering teacher, now I blog for fun and work as a freelance designer. My blog is a great big mash up of all these things. Design work, crafts, cookery, parenting and lifestyle. Where do you see your blog in five years? Migrate to my own website rather than using blogger as the template. Work with some more brands and properly monetise my blog. Work with other bloggers, I really enjoy guest posting...

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Dad’s Can Do Their Daughter’s Hair Just As Good As Moms Can: 8 Ways To Ensure Dad’s Style SHINES!

By: Atara Twersky of Curlee Girlee   Dads can do their little girls hair as good as moms can: Here are 8 ways to ensure that Dads styling shines! 1)      Good morning  hair begins with a good nighttime hair- so before bedtime put your daughter’s hair in a ponytail and if she is a curlee girlee, like my little girl, a turban will ensure her curls stay smooth and do not get knotty while she sleeps. 2)      Have the right hair products nearby- this includes a spray bottle, detangler, wide tooth comb and of course: a hair brush 3)     ...

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Ripley’s Jazz Night- The Perfect Date Night In Toronto

What do you do on a Friday night? It’s no secret that every so often parents want to have a little fun! However, sometimes it’s exciting to do something new and innovative! We were invited to Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada in Toronto, Canada for Friday Night Jazz night and we decided to take them up on that musical underwater adventure. In the heart of downtown, I asked my partner to join me and off we went to have this unique experience. Ripley’s Jazz Night is great for a night out with friends or a date night with that special...

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