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10 Tech Tools to Engage Students

10 Tech Tools to Engage Students   Information development has ended up being so immovably woven into our workday and individual lives that it’s hard to imagine presence without it. We get orientation from GPS, read books on our tablets, cooperate with partners on records in the cloud, interface with allies using electronic systems administration media, to say the least, and we do everything from our PDAs and tablets. Modern day parents prefer to provide their child with latest technology trend to help them in their education, rather than preferring a private tuition. These private tuitions are not considered...

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Are Children And Dogs A Good Mix?

Are Children And Dogs A Good Mix? By: Karen Dennis From The Next Best Thing To Mummy I believe that children and dogs can be great together; if managed correctly. When I purchased my German Shepherd puppy “Keira” she was 8 weeks old. I did a lot of research into her breed first (although I have always been an admirer of this type of dog, so knew quite a lot already) I needed a dog that would be good with children as I was a busy childminder at the time. My own children were now growing up fast, my...

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How to Get Back on the Bike after Having a Baby

How to Get Back on the Bike after Having a Baby   Pregnancy and childbirth are two of the most stressful periods for a woman’s body. It goes under a tremendous amount of change in nine months, and after labor, it needs to put itself back together the way it was before. Except that it may not be the same, depending on how difficult the birth itself was. Taking this into consideration, it’s expected that you won’t be entirely sure when to start being physically active again, especially if you see yourself as a cycling enthusiast. Cycling is more...

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i am baby is the perfect brand for the proud family!

Fashion is an expression. It can represent who you are and where you come from. When Rachel Urso from Celebrity Baby Trends introduced us to i am baby, we knew we met a very special brand. Owner Erin is a Canadian ex pat, who after living with her husband in the USA, moved back in Ontario to raise their family. One day, while visiting Toronto’s famous Centre Island, Erin could not help but realize the harmonious multiculturalism that Toronto boasts and knows so well. We are all so patriotic, proud of where we have come from and where we...

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Easy Ways To Declutter Your Child’s Bedroom

Easy Ways To Declutter Your Child’s Bedroom   Cleaning their room is the last thing on a child’s to-do list. And all the clutter drives the parents up the wall. Even worse is the moment when they need to be made to declutter, and suddenly, they have a whole slew of busywork that just prevents them from getting round to it. Instead of barging in their room and cleaning up thing on your own accord, we offer a more subtle approach that might work for both parties. Want to know what it entails? Keep on reading, as we believe...

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