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Tweetback Tuesday:How Do You Handle A Tantrum, In Under 5 Words?

How do you handle a child’s tantrum? Our readers have different reponses! We asked them in under five words, describe how they would handle a tantrum of their child! Check out these responses:   Erika     ‏@NotThatMomm @thebabyspotca Walk away, allow the emotions  #tantrum #parents   Dimples Charms ‏@dimplescharms @thebabyspotca Breathe in. Breathe out. Baby Whisperer ‏@lalamarwoo @thebabyspotca thanks for the retweet! I believe that redirection is key, I have never had a child refuse a fun activity, those tears dryup! Baby Whisperer ‏@lalamarwoo @thebabyspotca Explain, uplift, redirect, reassess, hug. (sometimes adults are wrong) Baby Whisperer ‏@lalamarwoo @thebabyspotca I...

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5 Sleep Tips for Enjoying Thanksgiving Festivities with Children

    By: Jenn Kelner @Mybabyzzz 5 Sleep Tips for Enjoying Thanksgiving Festivities with Children   With Canadian Thanksgiving just around the corner, many parents are asking me how they should plan their little one’s sleep around family festivities.  Some parents like to go with the flow, but there are some effective things you can do to help your kids get through the holiday weekend with little fuss.  Follow these 5 simple sleep tips to help your children stay well rested so you can all enjoy some holiday fun.   1. Do some planning ahead of time...

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Recipe: French Toast With Strawberries

@SlimmingworldUS French toast with strawberries Serves: 4 Prep time: 5 minutes, plus soaking Cook time: 6-8 minutes Ingredients 2 eggs 1/4 pint skim milk sugar substitute, to taste a dash of vanilla extract 1 tsp grated orange zest 4 x 1oz slices white bread low calorie cooking spray, eg PAM 1lb strawberries To serve grated orange zest 1 tsp icing sugar fat free plain yogurt 1. In a wide bowl, beat the eggs with the skim milk, sugar substitute, vanilla extract and orange zest. 2. Dip each slice of bread into the egg mixture and place the slices in a shallow dish. Pour the...

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Interview With Mini Joops Owner Malisa MacNabign

By: Talia Beckett @pinkpearlpr Pink Pearl PR client MiniJoops boasts authentic and stylish pieces inspired by internationally born trends and designs, all while allowing for the convenience of online browsing and shopping. Talia Beckett chats with this innovative company founded by Malisa Mac Nab, a fashion loving, full-time mother, who loves styling not only herself, but her three beautiful children. Mac Nab was constantly falling in love with unique and fashion-forward children’s apparel pieces via numerous online, and social media avenues. Unfortunately, none of these designs were locally accessible. After continuous sharing and recommendations to her international friends, she asked...

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How to Update Your Post-Pregnancy Wardrobe in Style and Luxury While Sticking to a Strict Budget

  By: Becca Daniels @PreggoStyle Most of the time I find that there is quite a bit of truth behind the whole idea of “you get what you paid for”. At the same time, I am frugal. I like to have my cake and eat it too. I like to look good and wear stylish clothes but I refuse to compromise my budget. Through the years I’ve developed an entire strategy around buying stylish, high quality clothes and accessories on a tight budget. I am really excited to be sharing my tidbits of shopping wisdom with you today!...

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