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Easter Inspiration

Many families are celebrating Easter. Do you have to plan an Easter Sunday meal? Are you doing an Easter egg hunt with your kids? and have some great Easter inspiration for you!   Are you looking to get some Easter pictures of your little one? What about an adorable bunny costume? Or choose the sweet little lamb! You only have so many years you can dress them up willingly! (We are kidding) Other then photos of your little one to send to friends and relatives, their is the Easter egg hunt itself! Surprise your children with a...

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Happy 1st Birthday,!

Our first birthday has arrived! We are a toddler! We have our walking shoes and have enjoyed our first year of life. We are so excited to have survived a year in the competitive industry of Parenting Magazines and we could not have done it without you. – has always been passionate about promoting small businesses along side big businesses. We are not only interested in the trends but the trend setters. If you have a fantastic business, are passionate about your craft and love your customers/clients then we will be looking for you! We are grateful for our friends...

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Mompreneur Zankhna Parekh:Designer and Business Woman

@DesignerZankhna We sat down with designer and mother of three Zankhna Parekh, to find out how she made the transition into designing, how she juggles life as a Mom and as a successful designer and what we can see in the future for the Zankhna Parekh line. Zankhna, you have your Master’s degree in Physical Therapy and had a successful health care career. How did you make the switch to fashion design? I have always had a passion for designing, ever since I was 14 years old. Back then I used to design and get my own outfits...

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Baby Gender Reveal Party Ideas

A new fun way to announce the gender of your baby is to hold a Baby Gender Reveal Party! Since so many family and friends want to know the gender of your new bundle of joy, why not throw a bash to celebrate this big day? There are many cute ways to let your guests know that you are having a boy or girl! 1. Gender Reveal Cake/Cupcake/Cakepop- Many parents hire a baker or more DIY parents bake a cake with blue and pink icing or fondant. The inside of the cake is dyed pink or blue. Parents gather...

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5 Tips For The Newly Pregnant Woman

Congratulations! You took the pregnancy test and your doctor has confirmed, you are in fact, PREGNANT! You are filled with joy, possible nerves and wonder, there is just so much to know! After gazing through the endless aisles of a baby store, you ask yourself, where do I start? Who do I tell? Here is a guide: Decide Who To Tell and When- Traditionally, a mother waits until her third month to tell relatives and friends about a pregnancy. This is to ensure you go through the first trimester smoothly. Some women take this route and others do not...

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New to Shelves: The SINC Series Continues….

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