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Raising A Vegetarian Child

    By: Jenny McGrath @AltVegMumIre Posted Originally at: Used with permission. The vegetarian diet. Sometimes the mere mention of it turns some people into grade A nutritionists. Giving lectures on what nutrients you’re missing out on, its the circle of life etc… we have all heard those words at some stage. But tell someone you are raising your child vegetarian and get ready for a real lecture of facts! Knowledge is everything with eating the right foods, even if you are a carnivore… are you healthier because you arent vegetarian and eat meat? Yeah, maybe, if you compare yourself...

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How To Keep Those Early Risers From Waking Too Early!

How to keep those early risers from waking too early By: Jenn Kelner @mybabyzzz Do you have a baby or toddler that wakes up in the morning a little earlier than you would like?  A reasonable wake up time for a child is anywhere from 5:30-7:00am, but some children are up before that time wide awake and ready to play.  Luckily there are some things you can do to help your child learn to sleep in later in the morning so that you can all catch some extra ZZZ’s. Dark and quiet room If you have a little rooster...

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Mole Winter Season Fashion Sneak Peek! was thrilled when the owner of Mole: Little Norway, Hanne Synnøve Koløy let us have a sneak peek at her AW13 Collection. Featured in magazines across the world, Hanne knows children’s fashion. This incredible designer was also nice enough to let share with you some of her fabulous photos of what is coming up for the end of 2013. As winter brings out the dark shades, blacks and greys, Hanne does not fear colour in the winter! Her line up shows subtle reds, purples and blues against light neutral shades .   Mole is bringing back hats!...

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Toys Your Kids Cannot Live Without! (Selected By Our Readers)

On “tweet-back” Tuesday, we asked our readers what is the one toy your child cannot live without.   Here is what you, the reader said:   School Bus Submitted By: Claire Kolmatychi @CKolmatycki -School is right around the corner! Many children, including Claire’s son love to interact with a toy school bus. Let your child’s imagination go wild! Police Car Submitted By: Claire Kolmatychi @CKolmatycki -Whether it is the whining sirens or flashing lights, children love to pretend that they are fighting crime!   Sophie The Giraffe Submitted By: Katie @ktbtwblog -New parents everywhere swear their baby loves Sophie!...

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Office Depot Foundation and The National Backpack Program

Sorry kids, but your first day of school is just around the corner! Many parents run out to start picking up the necessary school supplies for their children. From Bristol boards to pencil crayons, you want your child to be able to be creative, to be organized and ultimately to be prepared for the new school year. In the midst of back to school preparation, we sometimes forget about the hundreds of thousands of children who do not have the money to have the proper back to school supplies.   Office Depot Foundation in the United States has had...

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