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How to Update Your Post-Pregnancy Wardrobe in Style and Luxury While Sticking to a Strict Budget

  By: Becca Daniels @PreggoStyle Most of the time I find that there is quite a bit of truth behind the whole idea of “you get what you paid for”. At the same time, I am frugal. I like to have my cake and eat it too. I like to look good and wear stylish clothes but I refuse to compromise my budget. Through the years I’ve developed an entire strategy around buying stylish, high quality clothes and accessories on a tight budget. I am really excited to be sharing my tidbits of shopping wisdom with you today!...

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5 Tips for Moms To Restore Their Glow

By Mona Bajwa Trymbl Cofounder The tips below will help moms instantly restore their glow and energy, back from hectic summer travels as they get ready for back to school. It’s time to be the hip and hot mommy again! 1) RENEW – Don’t forget to exfoliate, which is essential for a healthy, brighter, younger-looking skin. Get rid of dead skin with these natural / organic gems: Tea Infused Lip Scrub, Jojoba Facial Exfoliant, Gluten-Free Exfoliating Clay Scrub, Ambrosia de Rosa Mask & Scrub, Moisturizing Body Scrub. 2) HYDRATE – Travel, hectic routine, change of water, exposure to...

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Tweetback Tuesday: What Are Your Children Dressing Up For Halloween? Our Readers Answered!

With Halloween coming up at the end of the month, some of us need costume inspiration! Our readers shared with us what their children were going to dress up as this Halloween:   MomsanityCentral     ‏@MomsanityTweets @thebabyspotca I was hoping he’d be able to tell me, but at 20mo, we’re not quite there yet. Thinking Fireman Sam or a dinosaur. #Halloween CanadianCouponChick     ‏@CCouponchick @thebabyspotca Thomas the tank engine Jennifer Weare     ‏@myhippiehome @thebabyspotca my oldest will be a witch & the little one a mouse. Little dog is a pumpkin and still need a costume for big dog #Halloween chrissy     ‏@chrssbrwn...

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Office Depot’s Stop Bullying Campaign

OFFICE DEPOT FOUNDATION LAUNCHES ANTI-BULLYING EDUCATIONAL INITIATIVE IN SCHOOLS NATIONWIDE   New Program Features Bullying Expert Brooks Gibbs and is Supported by Sales of Exclusive One Direction Collection at Office Depot   Boca Raton, Fla., August 19, 2013 – Office Depot, Inc. (NYSE: ODP), a leading global provider of school supplies and services, today announced the next phase of its multi-faceted anti-bullying partnership with One Direction – a new Office Depot Foundation educational program intended to help stop bullying.   The Office Depot Foundation – the independent, nonprofit philanthropic arm of Office Depot – has engaged nationally known speaker...

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5 Easy Tips to Avoid Your Child’s Curtain Calls

By: Jenn Kelner @mybabyzzz 5 Easy Tips to Avoid your Child’s Curtain Calls Just when you think you have successfully put your toddler to bed and are settling in to watch your favourite show, you hear the pitter-patter of little feet then a quiet voice saying “I need another hug and a kiss.”  So you tuck your child back in bed, give them a hug and a kiss and say goodnight, and as you’re leaving the room you hear “I forgot to tell you something.”  This delaying tactic continues on until you lose your patience, raise your voice and...

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