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5 Post Partum Surprises

Please help us welcome our newest writer, Jen Bobby! When you’re pregnant with your first child you are constantly reading up on what to expect through this amazing life changing process. Receiving weekly emails from baby center, googling what is normal, reading what to expect books about pregnancy, labour and first few weeks at home with your new bundle. So what about all the magical things that happen to you once your baby is here, the glamorous things that are never really mentioned. I have listed my top 5 surprises nobody really tells you about the postpartum period. 1....

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A Gourmet After School Snack To Enjoy

It is so difficult to find an after school snack for your children. With so many products that taste so yummy but are so bad for you, it is hard to steer children to the right type of treats. Chicago Mix has the answer with their delicious popcorn. We know first hand, because we have tried it and can’t get enough! Chicago Mix Popcorn is non GMO project verified, completely free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. It is also kosher! Do not worry gluten-free families, Chicago Mix also boasts that it is gluten free.   Back-to-School is a...

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Fertility Options For Women Over 40

As many of you reading this may already know, the prime reproductive years for women are between their early and mid-20s. Today, women nearing their late-20s who want a family but perhaps just not right now have several fertility preservation options available to them. Egg Freezing is growing in popularity among those women.   Those aged 39 to 44, however, did not have these fertility preservation options when they were younger. They may of course retain retain viable eggs that can result in a healthy baby, in some cases even for those into their late-40s, but their chances of getting pregnant are much lower. There are alternative third-party reproduction options like...

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Why Does My Newborn Move During Sleep?

Baby Sleep Patterns: Why Does My Newborn Move During Sleep? By: Jenn Kelner, CPA, CA Certified Child Sleep Consultant BabyZzz (647)970-2402 Baby Sleep Patterns: Why Does My Newborn Move During Sleep? Karen from Brownsville, Texas asks: Q: I am a new Mom who was shocked to learn that my newborn has such vivid dreams! Her facial expressions change a lot from moment to moment. Why does she do that? I also received a similar question from Sherry-Ann in Ohio: Q: I have been teaching my child sign language and I have peeked at my one year old...

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Early Learning School of The Month: Jellybean Park

We were delighted to become acquainted with Jellybean Park, located in the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada. We are excited to feature everything Jellybean Park in our interview! If you are in the Greater Vancouver Area, please give them a call! If you are a reader from abroad, these are early learning schools that you should keep in mind and look for similar style for high quality learning experiences for your child. Tell us about Jellybean Park… Jellybean Park is an Early Learning School based in the Greater Vancouver Area of British Columbia. We were one of...

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