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The Baby Spot Bests-February

February is the month of love and we love the blogger and designers we have found for our Baby Spot Bests this month! Check out and follow these great people! We have an American Brazilian blogger of the month/Super Momma, An amazing Nordic Clothing designer from Lyon, France and a extremely talented baby Knicker Designer from Canada.   GinkgoLife @ginkgolifeart Ginkgo life is unique. This children’s label is a fusion of art and style. Located in Lyon, France, the talented Creative head Ingelise has found her inspiration through  a Nordic influence. Ginkgo Life ensures that each piece is organic...

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What to Do When You Suspect Child Abuse: Onslaught of Cases Prompts Advocate to Share Tips for Recognizing, Reporting Abuse

Author Rayne E. Golay offers three wise tips when you suspect child abuse: • Don’t be afraid to be wrong.  You don’t need to have hard evidence or proof of child abuse or neglect to report your concerns. If you’re wrong, social workers and investigators will soon discover that and close the case. It might be uncomfortable for the alleged abuser and he or she may get angry. But you can report anonymously, and it’s far better to risk someone taking offense or social workers finding no evidence of abuse than for a child to suffer because no one speaks up.  ...

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Little Baby Bum App Review

Little Baby Bum App Review By:  Karen Del Ben A.K.A. Canadian Coupon Chick   Have you ever been out at the store or just out at dinner and just need to entertain your child for a couple of minutes? I recently had the opportunity to try out the Little Baby Bum app and I’m so thankful I have. The Little Baby Bum app has many interactive features that engage children educationally through nursery rhymes.  The app does this through stories, videos and karaoke feature.  All the nursery rhymes are attractive to young children.  My son loved singing along to...

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The Attachment Pregnancy

To ensure a bond with your baby to be, it is integral to bond with your child both physically and emotionally. From pregnancy to the first years of life, bonding with your baby and creating a deep connection is essential.   The Attachment Pregnancy: The Ultimate Guide To Bonding With Your Baby book gives you the proper tips to do just that! Introducing your child in a loving, caring environment before birth is possible.  Pregnancy experts Laurel Wilson and Tracy Wilson Peters have outlined each stage of development of your child and offering excellent expertise. The book itself is...

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Ali Eisner Photography Exhibition

Canadian puppeteer, song writer, singer and photographer Ali Eisner has hosted her photography exhibition at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, Canada and got to see it first hand. It was packed on the opening night! Ali featured her photography exhibition entitled “Favourite Things”; a  series of captured moments through out Ali’s life. Highlighted features were pictures of singer Serena Ryder, the iconic photo of the Honest Eds sign and her super hero series. The exhibition was a eclectic mixture of musicians, nature, tv behind the scenes, buildings and beautiful sky photographs. Each photo represented the favourite things of...

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