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Your Hospital Check List!

  The big day is swiftly approaching and you have everything under control. The nursery is finished, the baby clothes are in their drawers and you are ready to have a baby! However, babies do not usually come quickly, so parent’s stay overnight in the hospital! What should you bring for yourself and your support person in the hospital? The Baby Spot reminds new moms some of the important things to bring! MOM -pyjamas -socks -toiletries -maxi pads -books, IPAD, -Elastics- To tie your hair up during labour -breast pads -comfortable going home clothes- Your body has just gone...

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Krista’s Tutus

  Krista O’Hara calls her little clients her models. She is absolutely right. The smile on each parent’s face when they receive their very own hand crafted tutu for their child is what keeps Krista loving her business, Krista’s Tutus.   Located in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada,  Krista makes tutus from newborn to aged ten. The business is relatively new but Krista loves handcrafting each tutu as a way to earn extra income for the family and keep her busy. She learned to make tutus the way many of us learn crafts recently, from youtube videos. She decided last fall...

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Unconventional Parenting: Home Schooling

By Alicia Arseneault First, let me say this: I don’t wear skirts down to my ankles; I don’t have goats or chickens, or milk my own cows. I do from time-to-time make my own bread but basically I am a yoga-pants-wearing, Big Mac loving, “ok, have the sugary cereal”, mom of four children who often has days where I want to rip my hair out…. but I home school my four children. That’s right, they’re home 24 hours a day, 7 days and week and – I never thought I would say this – I LOVE IT! We made...

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Nesting Story-Murals for Moms… and More!

Every new parent wants a decorated baby room to bring their new bundle of joy in to call their own. However, many parents are looking for something unique to decorate their baby room! Who can find the time to either paint a beautiful mural or decorate a baby room with so much going on leading up to the birth of a child? The Baby Spot sat down with Joanna Venditti from Nesting Story to hear more about her business in Milton, Ontario, Canada.

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A Family Garden: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

By: Grace S Generations ago, a garden was integral for a family. Each member would work hard to harvest the fruits and vegetables for the year. Whether it is a full farm or a small backyard garden, nothing is more tasty then fresh fruits and vegetables ready to be picked for the next meal. However, with our hectic schedules and our pre-ready made meals, we have forgotten these integral skills of gardening that help make our life styles a lot healthier. Today`s parents are always looking at new ventures to teach their children new life skills. One of the best...

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