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5 Embarrassing Body Problems For New Moms

EMBARRASSING BODY PROBLEM #1 – Unwanted Hair   We love it on our heads, but hate it just about everywhere else! Hair growing in undesirable places, like between your eyebrows or under your arms isn’t uncommon. Luckily, there are many options available to remove unwanted hair—shaving or trimming is the least expensive, but you can also try waxing, depilatories and laser hair removal.   EMBARRASSING BODY PROBLEM #2 – Hemorrhoids   Reluctant to discuss that pain “back there?” You can rest easy—many times, discomfort from hemorrhoids may be helped with very simple steps such as dietary changes and topical...

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The Baby Spot Bests November

We found some great finds across the world for the month of November!  We have a great American blogger of the month and a great travel theme for this month. Check out our great finds and visit these websites today!   BLOGGER OF THE MONTH- BAD PLAYDATE @badplaydate Our guilty pleasure has been Bad Playdate. We have all been there, taken our children on a play-date that leaves us scratching our heads in amazement. Did that bizzare play date just happen? Whether it is an over competitive Mom or a crazy kid, poor Bad Playdate has experienced it...

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Tweetback Tuesday- What Is Your Ideal Family Destination?

Just imagine, you and your family on Vacation! We asked our readers on all of our social media outlets where is their ideal family destination spot! Here is what they said: Facebook: Victoria: Paris, France! We have family there and it is just a dream to visit! We can also stop at Euro Disney 🙂 Daniel: Just having all of my family at home is an ideal family destination. Stephen: Our family loves Cancun, Mexico. We try to visit every two years or so! Twitter: Mai Le Edwards ‏@TheMommySuite  @thebabyspotca jamaica, my husband’s from there and we have never...

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Recipe: Raspberry and Custard Ice Cream

Raspberry and custard ice cream @slimmingworldus   Serves: 4 Prep time: 10 minutes, plus freezing Ingredients 450g/1lb raspberries, plus a few to garnish 4 tbsp artificial sweetener 510g/1lb 2oz Jell-O Vanilla Pudding Snack Pots, Sugar Free 1cup/200g/7oz fat free plain yogurt  mint leaves, to garnish 1. Place the raspberries and sweetener in a food processor and blend for a few seconds until roughly puréed. 2. Place the custard in a freezer-proof container, stir in the yogurt and raspberry mixture, and freeze for 2–3 hours, lightly beating every 30–40 minutes, until the ice cream is set. 3. Remove the ice cream from the freezer and...

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Navigating Your Child’s Sleep Schedule Around The End of Daylight Savings Time

By: Jenn Kelner Certified Sleep Consultant @mybabyzzz Navigating your Child’s Sleep Schedule Around the end of Daylight Savings Time   On Sunday November 3rd at 2am, Daylight Savings Time ends and the clocks turn back one hour.  This used to be a much anticipated time when you could take advantage of that extra hour, but now as a parent of young children, it’s just one more thing you have to navigate.  If you have an early morning riser already, you can expect it to be even earlier once you turn the clocks back.  Even as a professional child sleep...

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