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Tweetback Tuesday: What Was Your Nursery Theme?

When we are expecting a new baby we start getting our creative juices flowing. Should we pick a theme for our child’s nursery? Our readers share with us there themes and ideas for a child’s nursery. Read on to get inspired!   FACEBOOK:   Sophie- A robot room, for my daughter! Felipe- My wife and I designed a room for our son. Everything was from The Cars movie! Taylor- Our son had an airplane themed room, complete with an airplane mobile that I had to find online 🙂 Laura M- I had a mural painted on my little one’s...

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Book Love: 5 Great Picks For Christmas!

By: Charise Jewell @crunchcompass *Originally posted on   What are your favorite books? Leave your answers in the comment section below!   I love books. My kids love books. We also love to share the books we’re crushing on to spread the love around. Here are our top picks from the past month.   The Happiness Project A very nice woman at Ernie’s work recommended this one and even lent us her copy. It was published in 2009 and became a bestseller about a second later. I was in new baby fog for most of 2009, so obviously...

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Is My Child Having A Nightmare or A Night Terror and How Should I Deal With It?

Is my Child Having a Nightmare or a Night Terror and How Should I Deal with it? By: Jenn Kelner, CPA, CA Certified Child Sleep Consultant BabyZzz (647)970-2402 It’s in the middle of the night and you wake up to your toddler screaming at the top of his lungs. You race to his bedroom to find him thrashing around with a look of fear and panic in his eyes. What do you do? Your first thought is to go and comfort him, but is that really what you should do? The answer depends on whether it’s a...

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Understanding Infertility: 5 Most Common Diagnoses and Treatment Solutions

Understanding Infertility: 5 Most Common Diagnoses & Treatment Solutions If you?ve been trying to conceive and those two little pink lines still elude you, know that you are not alone. While it takes most couples an average up to one year to become pregnant, one in six couples experiences infertility issues. Here are five of the most common infertility diagnoses, along with example treatment solutions. Keep in mind that each person, diagnosis and situation is different, and only after a medical evaluation can a tailored treatment plan can be prescribed. But first, what is the definition of infertility? For...

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Goldie Blox Review

By: Katherine Adamchick @RCdweller You can follow Katherine on her blog:   GoldieBlox is a toy aimed at engaging young girls in building, designing and engineering. Inventor and CEO Debbie Sterling, a graduate from Stanford with a degree in Mechanical Engineering/Product Design, came up with the concept, based on the alarming low number of women in engineering. Take a walk down the girls’ aisle in a toy store and you will get a sense of the void that Debbie wanted to fill. Doll after doll features princesses and fashion-obsessed models. Even Barbie’s career choices mostly involve cute...

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New to Shelves: The SINC Series Continues….

Interface - SINC2
Find this exciting follow up in the SINC series online here!
Still available, the first book of the SINC series online here!