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Traveling With Your Baby: Join Us For All Of The Hotspots!

  In the past, many parents choose not to travel with their baby. The bulky play pens, strollers, and endless baby supplies were too much for a family to travel by car, let alone by plane. However, with the advancement of many baby items being more compact, less weight and more accessible, parents are now making their family travel dreams a reality. Whether it is a road trip or jet setting to an exotic location across the world, many parents are picking up their families and jetting or driving to their family vacation destinations. The Baby Spot will feature...

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Bitty Bambino: Friends and Business Partners

Who says that friends cannot go into business together? Taryn Ovens and Vanessa Halligan can report otherwise! Surrounded by a red brick walled interior and barn board displays, both of these women have a very special, unique little baby store in Port Hope, Ontario: Bitty Bambino.

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New to Shelves: The first book in the SINC Series

Find this exciting title online here!


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