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Book Review: Raw, Quick and Delicious!

Whether you’re inquiring about Meatless Mondays for your families meal plan or you’re a vegan family looking for new recipes, the Raw, Quick and Delicious book is for you! Douglas McNish shares his tasty, appealing recipes with the masses! Each yummy recipe is 5 ingredients and promises a 15 minute prep time. The book begins explaining how a family transitions to a raw, vegan diet. It outlines basic vegan terminology. Doug highlights the most contaminated and least contaminated foods, how important enzymes are and what is organic produce. He then teaches the terms and techniques for a raw, vegan...

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Tweetback Tuesday- What Is The One Thing As A Parent, You Do For Yourself?

  Tweetback Tuesday   We asked our readers what was the one thing, as parents they do for themselves. We had some relaxing and interesting responses! Read on to get inspired: Mrs. P     ‏@Mommy_Pearce– When I get the chance…I read.      Charise Jewell     ‏@CRUNCHcompass       – yoga – much better for me than wine 🙂   Mom thoughts     ‏@_mom_thoughts -Run- training for a half marathon. Love a little time to be on my own. Getting in shape is a great bonus! MomOfOne     ‏@TotInTow -get my nails done every 3-4 weeks 🙂   CanadianCouponChick     ‏@CCouponchick -getting my hair done this weekend!!  ...

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The Baby Spot Bests-October

The Baby Spot Bests have arrived for October! We have people and companies featured from the USA, Ireland and the UK! Check out our great finds, follow these people on twitter and enjoy!! LUXURY CLOTHING LINE- BABY CZ @Baby_CZ Detail, luxury, beauty. Baby CZ is not only finely crafted clothing for babies, tots and children (and some selected styles for adults!), but it is also tailors to the comfort of the wearer. Creator Carolina Zaph has graced New York runways for fashion week. She knows what the modern family wants and she provides it. To put it simply:...

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Terra Cycle- 4 Waste Reduction Strategies For Back To School Kids

  Back to school with TerraCycle Canada   There’s no time like the present to start teaching your kids about recycling (or have them teach you). Now that school has started, chances are most parents have only just started thinking about what they need to do to get their kids ready for the up-coming year. That’s where TerraCycle Canada, the leading upcycler and recycler of hard-to-recycle waste, comes in. The company works with children in schools all across Canada who help divert waste from landfill and fundraise at the same time, earning about two cents for every piece of waste they...

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Trymbl-Cosmetics For A New and Trendy Mom

  As a new mother, we want to feel rejuvenated after our pregnancy. It is no secret that carrying a baby for nine months is no easy task, but after we give birth and maybe have a few moments to ourselves, we would like to look nice. However, being a new Mom does not mean that we will take anything, we want organic, safe, high quality products that will go on our skin. Considering some of us have a different skin texture then before we are pregnant, we do not want harsh chemicals. Trymbl is our answer.   Trymbl...

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New to Shelves: The SINC Series Continues….

Interface - SINC2
Find this exciting follow up in the SINC series online here!
Still available, the first book of the SINC series online here!