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Movie Review- Winnie The Pooh

  By Karen Del Ben @Karen_DelBen Over the past couple of weeks my little one has started to really take notice and pay attention to tv shows and movies for longer periods of time.  One of his favourite movies is Winnie the Pooh.  The recently released movie, is exactly as you will remember it from when you were a child.  Watching it now as an adult, I love the characters even more now than I did as a child.   This movie is a combination of three story lines.  The first one starts out with Pooh Bear looking for...

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Singer Maya Sienna Gives Parents Advice About Bullying

Maya Sienna may only be a teenager, but she is already a singer, songwriter, dancer and actress! Signed to Shawn Campbell and World Class Choreographer, Darrien Henning, her new song “Dollar” premiered on June 20th! However, there is another side to Maya which is rare compared to other rising stars her age, she gives back to others. Maya was bullied as a child and she has given some advice for our parent readers on how she overcame bullying and stayed motivated. Parents can use Maya’s good example on how to keep their bullied children on track and to know...

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Help! My Toddler Came Without Instructions!

When your baby becomes a toddler, his or her transition can be overwhelming. Your sweet baby becomes a rambunctious little human being, who is their own person and will do anything to prove it to you! Broken ornaments, tantrums and endless energy are just some of the many adjustments a parent must be ready for. How can parents enjoy the precious moments of having a toddler without becoming overwhelmed with “toddler troubles”? Why don’t toddlers come with instructions? Author Blythe Lipman has created just that with her new book “Help! My Toddler Came Without Instructions”. It can’t be more...

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5 Tips To Get Into Shape As A Family

By: Cara  Quigley   “I don’t have time to get in shape”. It’s the most common excuse among parents today. Modern moms and dads are calendar keeping, kid chauffeuring, supper cooking super heroes – but “too busy” to have time for themselves. Raising a family is like running a business. No one ever said you would have time to yourself. Let alone time to think. Or exercise. So how do you do it?   The key to being fit and having healthy, active kids is making the lifestyle a family affair. It’s important to set a healthy example...

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Oops! Did your child just see that? The commercial, show or tv host on a PG programming station saying something a little R rated? No matter how hard we try as parents, sometimes our children see things that are a little too old for their eyes and they hear things a little too old for their ears. Some parents are finding it hard to find safe programming for their young children. was recently introduced to, a website designed for children 12 years old and under.  Parents can “build” their own channel for their children! They can pick...

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