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Signs That It Is Time To Transition From Two Naps To One

Signs that it is Time to Transition from Two Naps to One By: Jenn Kelner It’s morning naptime and your toddler just doesn’t want to nap.  He was such a great napper before but now he plays in his crib the entire time.  Sometimes he falls asleep but it’s affecting his afternoon nap.   Does this mean he’s ready to transition from two naps to one? Not necessarily.  He may be going through a developmental milestone, like crawling or walking, which is affecting his sleep during the day.  We don’t want to drop the morning nap prematurely if he is...

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Parents of Children With Disabilities

Parents with Children with Disabilities By: Tamara Higgins Being new to Calgary, and a Social Worker with 11 years experience in Developmental Services, I could not help but notice the differences in services offered in this city for parents who have a child with a disability.  The province I came from offered numerous services, as does Calgary, but I quickly noticed numerous loop holes and gaps in services when for the first time in my career, I worked in children’s services. The first real gap that I noticed was the availability of services which allowed a parent to remain...

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Losing our Disney: Would The Children We Were, Like The Adults We Turned Out To Be?

  By: Jenny McGrath @AltVegMumIre Originally posted on Jenny’s blog. Visit: Childhood. A time where innocence and naivity are at its highest peak. A time where we escape our minds to other worlds of imagination and wonder and have a set of morals that are unmatched with the morals of those who have already lost what it was to be a child. But why are the morals that we held as children, now distant ideals, to be scoffed at? I often wonder, how does a child sit and watch Dumbo, and feel what you felt when you saw that...

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Maybe We Can Park It Over There…Accommodating Buggies/Strollers

  By: Jenny McGrath @AltVegMumIre Originally posted on Jenny’s blog. Visit: You’re in town for the day with your partner, husband, friends…. and baba in their buggy. After a while either me or my husband will say “Wanna go for something to eat and we can feed baby”  So you go and check out somewhere that looks nice, and, it seems more often than not one of us disappointingly says to the another “oh, I dont think we will fit in there” It seems that everywhere becomes smaller crammed with more tables placed super close together leaving no room...

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Tweetback Tuesday: What Were Your Pregnancy Cravings? Our Readers Answered!

Some of us have pregnancy cravings, while others do not! Our readers dished (and served) their pregnancy cravings while they were pregnant. Can you relate?   Mia Michelle     ‏@4theloveofmia Rold Gold Pretzels I ate the 1 pound bag with a huge bottle of water. Gave birth 3/31/13 and I haven’t eaten a pretzel since Mai Le Edwards     ‏@TheMommySuite my 1st- oranges, I am now pregnant with second baby and all I want is juicy steak and salty foods. Kaycee W.     ‏@Kaycadilla with my son it was hotdogs (ihatethem) & spaghetti, with my daughter all I ever wanted was rofo...

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