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Celeb Mom Courtney Lopez Shares Her Peachy Keen Nutriblast Recipe!

We all know that X-Factor and Extra! host Mario Lopez is a health and fitness fanatic, but his wife Courtney Lopez, pregnant with the couple’s second child, also embraces a healthy lifestyle.  A devotee of juicing, today she shares the recipe for her favorite healthy beverage – the Peachy Keen Nutri-Blast, prepared with the Nutri-Bullet – the wildly popular kitchen countertop gadget for health enthusiasts – and busy moms – like Courtney.  With a ton of Vitamin A, Calcium, and other essential vitamins, this sweet and creamy fruits and veggies concoction comes straight from Courtney’s kitchen to yours!   Peachy Keen Nutri-Blast Ingredients: ·      1 cup Spinach ·      1/2 Avocado (medium) ·      1/2...

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Pass The Etiquette Please: What NOT To Say To Pregnant Women

By: Alicia Arseneault @thearseneaults   I’ve been around this block a few times.  I’ve had the “bigger-than-normal belly” five times now, and it seems as if acts like a “homing beacon” to family and strangers alike to haphazardly offer their opinions and very blunt advice on my pregnancy, number of children, and when it’s time to stop procreating.   Prior to writing this I asked my Facebook family and friends (specifically women who’ve had children) to share their WORST, UNWELCOMED, and just plain RUDE things people have said to them when they were pregnant.  With their answers, and my...

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ParticipACTION encourages not only our Canadian readers but our readers worldwide to take ParticipACTION’s challenge for all children to get outside and play for the “longest day of the year” June 21st!   Remember when our neighborhoods were bustling with active kids playing after school, after dinner and much of the weekend. The sounds of children’s laughter and having fun with friends filled the streets until the street lights came on and parents called their children in for the night.   As the national voice of physical activity and sport participation, ParticipACTION wants to turn back time and get...

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Get Your Kids Hiking! Start Them Young and Keep It Fun! With Author Jeff Alt

Summer is here and with it comes the beautiful weather. As child obesity is on the rise, it is important to get out with your family and stay fit. Author Jeff Alt wants you to do just that with his new book Get Your Kids Hiking! Start Them Young and Keep It Fun. Our generation of children are hooked to video games, cell phones and television. It is certainly alright to do all of these things but we must encourage a certain amount of physical activity in order to stay healthy. Jeff’s book is a great way to get...

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5 Tips For Making Road Trips With Kids More Enjoyable

5 tips for making road trips with kids more enjoyable   By: Mary Gillespie It’s that time of year again. For many of us, summer means at least one road trip to the cottage or other annual vacation destination. With kids, what used to be a straightforward drive from A to B becomes for many people a dreaded voyage into a dark underworld of bickering and whining. It doesn’t have to be this way. Road trips with your kids can be an enjoyable part of your vacation experience. Here are some tips to help you make the most of...

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