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The Problem With A Practice Pet

Pets can be a wonderful addition to any family. From guinea pigs to dogs, pets can teach a child responsibility while having a wonderful furry friend. However, many parents allow their children to have a small animal or a fish as a “practice pet” or a prelude to a bigger animal. Many of these pets pass away due to poor care and attention. From broken bones to overall neglect, the idea of the practice pet must stop. Parents need to understand that a child cannot practice on the life of an animal. Many humane societies will not allow parents...

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Couponing In Canada- The Canadian Couponing Chick Interview

Many of us have seen the savvy Couponing Moms on television getting unbelievable deals across the United States. Due to different laws, we are unable to do the same in Canada. However, there are some Moms who know how to save and coupon, like Karen Del Ben, The Canadian Couponing Chick! sat down with Karen to give us the scoop on couponing How did you start couponing?   I started couponing approximately 5 years ago, shortly after I got married.  I had never really gone grocery shopping on my own, since I had lived at home until I...

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The Great Cloth Diaper Change

  By Taryn Ovens Bitty Bambino Boutique A celebration was held on April 20th, 285 people registered to be hosts for this years, Great Cloth Diaper Change (GCDC) in 17 different countries around the world! This year was Bitty Bambino’s first time hosting this amazing event, local moms and dads started to arrive around 10:30 waiting for the 11am buzzer to change those cloth bums. Everyone was welcomed with a goodie bag that included a free magazine subscription, Bamboobies, and some great coupons just to name a few. The Great Cloth Diaper Change is an event that happens all...

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Fitting In Verses Standing Out

    No parent wants their child to come home and cry that they’re being bullied.  They do not want to hear how their baby, whom they loved and raised, is being teased for not having the latest style or following a trend. As ridiculous as it sounds, a child can be bullied by their peers if they are not wearing the fashion of the minute. Out of fear, some parents will overspend, even go into debt so their children are wearing  expensive fashion of the moment, so they fit in with their peers. However, this sends a clear...

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Your Hospital Check List!

  The big day is swiftly approaching and you have everything under control. The nursery is finished, the baby clothes are in their drawers and you are ready to have a baby! However, babies do not usually come quickly, so parent’s stay overnight in the hospital! What should you bring for yourself and your support person in the hospital? The Baby Spot reminds new moms some of the important things to bring! MOM -pyjamas -socks -toiletries -maxi pads -books, IPAD, -Elastics- To tie your hair up during labour -breast pads -comfortable going home clothes- Your body has just gone...

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