Author: Tracey Clayton

Working with Kids Is the Road to Happiness

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius Some jobs can make us crazy, some are boring and some raise our stress levels until we burn out. And you know what helps when you’re feeling down? A sincere smile of a child unspoiled by life experiences. And now just imagine that your job includes working with dozens of kids like this, there won’t be a depressing, and certainly not dull, moment in your life. If you don’t believe us, here are just a few perks you can get...

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Help Your Children Set and Reach Their Goals

We all want our kids to be happy and successful in their lives. Of course, finding a balance between letting them lead their own lives and helping them without meddling too much can be a bit tricky. You know more about the world than they do, but they are their own unique people. So, how do you use your experience to help your child set realistic goals and work towards achieving them? Well, we’ve got a few nice tips for you. Be there to listen If your child has something they want to talk about, always find time to...

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Your Child Can Lose Weight in a Fun and Healthy Way

Some risks are associated with helping your child lose weight. If you focus too much on weight and looks, this could lead to your child developing an unhealthy body image. Despite the risks, helping your child lose weight can mean the difference between a happy and fulfilled life and one spent fighting weight disorders. Avoid negative associations with weight loss, but keep track of your kids’ weight loss in fun ways. Choose the right approach You should never guess what amount of weight should be lost. Take your child to a pediatrician and ask a doctor to ensure that...

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Thinking about Children’s Future: When Should You Start Saving for Your Kid’s College?

Every parent wants to provide their child with the best possible education opportunities and help them land a good job. However, securing your kids a place in a good university is expensive even with the help of student loans. Experts say you need to start saving as soon as possible, but in addition to college saving plans, you need to manage your everyday costs and retirement plans as well. Juggling all these things can be overwhelming, but with a good plan and some smart investing, you’ll be able to secure your children’s future, as well as your own. Before...

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Unpopular Kids: What to Do When Children Don’t Fit In

From the perspective of an adult – the childhood is a carefree and a happy period. For the kids themselves, this isn’t always the case. Growing up is marred by fears and anxieties, most of which come from the constant need to adjust to some social norm. One of these is definitely the pressure to fit in, be popular, outspoken, and extroverted. These are all fine and useful skills, but not all kids have them (or want them for that matter). It’s a very difficult thing for a parent to see that their child is unpopular or even worse unhappy about it. There is always the dilemma between getting involved and helping your kid and being the parent who hovers over every aspect of their kid’s life. There are ways to help without stepping over that line. Teaching social skills It’s pretty hard to define what social skills are, let alone to teach them. The best thing you can do is to lead by example. Think about the values you find important in a friendship (loyalty, honesty, empathy etc.) show them why they are important. Also, talking really helps. If your kid is having problems at school or feels left out – the first thing to do is talk it over. Reassuring the child about their worth and love is the cure in itself. But, don’t stop there. Go...

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