Author: Zara Lewis

Pros and Cons of Swaddling a Newborn

Each family is unique. This doesn’t only include different variations of parenting styles, but the way parents manage the needs of their newborn child as well. For many parents, swaddling is really helpful because it keeps the child safe, warm and cozy. Still, you should know both pros and cons of swaddling before you decide whether it’s the right thing for you and your child. The position of a swaddled child can truly make a difference when it comes to the usual concerns in the first couple of months after birth. On the other hand, it can lead to...

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Things you can do to revitalize your super-mom energy

          Parenting is a beautiful thing, because you get to shape a whole new person. However, even though it is filled with happy moments, it can drain your energy sometimes. As a parent, you won’t get much free time, but when you do, use it to revitalize your energy and be ready for new parenting challenges. Here are some great ideas for your 5 minutes of relaxation. Gather Your Girls It has probably been a while since you and your girlfriends have spent some quality time together. As soon as you grab a little time,...

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Essential guide to bonding with your kids during holidays

The holiday season is finally here! All around there’s cheer, fun songs and familiar scents. Streets and homes are magically decorated and everyone’s enjoying their time off. Yes, Christmas time is a perfect opportunity to bond with your kids and engage in some fun family activities. Soon, you’ll have to commit to your busy schedule again so make sure that this jolly season counts! Have meaningful talks Use every morning and breakfast as an opportunity to have deep conversations with your kids or chat about little things. As you eat holiday-spiced breakfast together, you can laugh and enjoy yourselves...

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Grandparents and Grandkids: Relationship That Warms Up the Heart

You know what they say: parents are there to discipline a child, grandparents to spoil them. Most of us remember the joy and excitement of going to grandma and grandpa as if it meant getting a VIP ticket to a magical world where the fun never stops. However, along with the fact hanging out with grandparents usually means no restrictions (why wouldn’t you eat ice cream for breakfast?), it also implies great life lessons. We saw our grandparents as personifications of wisdom because they seemed to know all the answers. From explaining where snow comes from or how come...

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How to Introduce Your Kids to Learning Habits in a Fun Way

Kids love to learn new things and get familiar with the world around them. But if you leave them to their own devices, they will gravitate towards their interests and possibly miss out on many important lessons that they can learn with your help. Since children want everything to be fun and entertaining, it’s essential that you introduce new knowledge in the most amusing manner. This is especially important for younger kids who don’t have any concept of school or the necessity to sit for hours and study. But even though they’re still young, this is the perfect time...

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