AVEENO Baby Hand and Face Wipes For Our Messy Moments!

Being a new Mom means worrying about everything, especially what products are going on your baby’s skin. It can be so intimidating to try to find the perfect baby wipes for your children, without worrying about the chemicals that are placed on each wipe. You are cleaning the most sensitive area of a baby and you want to make sure that your little one is feeling clean and is safe after each wipe. That’s why we only trust Aveeno Baby Face and Hand wipes. New from Aveeno, we bring the mess and Aveeno Impresses!

The Baby Spot has teamed up with Aveeno! This is a sponsored post from Aveeno. The Baby Spot was offered a paid sponsored partnership and given a free product for an honest review.

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AVEENO Baby Hand and Face Wipes For Baby

Having an infant means a lot of bonding between parent and baby and it also means a lot of messy moments in our house! We are excited to introduce to you the gentle way of cleaning your baby’s hands, face and body. This also works great for your older children too!

We have children with sensitive skin. This means for us that red blotches can appear if there are too many chemicals in soaps, detergents and wipes. We feel safe with what Aveeno has to offer. Thankfully AVEENO Baby Hand and Face Wipes have oat extract and aloe which is made specifically for baby’s sensitive skin, leaving baby feeling clean, soft and most of all moisturized.

What parents are really looking for

When you are a parent to children, you have to have a routine, AVEENO has become a part of our daily cleaning routine for our lives messy moments. Since the oat kernel is carefully extracted, the oat extract provides a wonderfully soothing effect while doing its job and nourishing your baby’s delicate skin.

Since our baby is so young, messy moments can include a regular cleaning routine. Aveeno lets us go in between the sensitive folds of baby’s arms and legs and keeps them moisturized during the dry, cold season. We were so impressed how easily the wipe not only cleaned but nourished our babies skin.

Catching Up With Our Older Child To End Those Messy Moments

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We decided to test it on our rambunctious five year old, who can accomplish a mess pretty quickly. We don’t want the dinner mess to spread so we caught up with our five year old to test these fantastic wipes out.

The mess came off in one wipe and nourished our little ones skin. We were not worried at all about using this AVEENO product every day because it is both fragrance and alcohol free so using it throughout the day is completely safe, unlike competitive brands.


We have also added all AVEENO products to our daily care regime experience. If you have not tried the AVEENO® BABY® Wash & Shampoo and AVEENO® BABY® Daily Lotion for your child’s bath routine, you are missing out! Spoil your family with only the best! Your child should be hugged in comfort and AVEENO products are like the warm hug your child deserves during and after bath time.

Aveeno Wins The Messy Moments

Aveeno products

We know that parents of children are looking for a product that all of their children can use. Its cost effective, is easier to pack for outings and satisfies a whole family instead of one member. WE know that AVEENO® Baby Hand & Face Wipes hits all of those important triggers for parents. Its packaging is easy to bring for travel or regular family outings!

Our AVEENO baby loves all of these products and it is family approved! Our Messy Moments are just that, small moments in time before AVEENO comes and cleans up so we can continue with our day, worry free.