Moving With Baby: 4 Tips For Taking Off The Stress

Moving With Baby: 4 Tips For Taking Off The Stress Moving, even as a single person, can be very stressful, but when you’re new parents with a baby everything seems magnified. You’re already short on sleep and energy, and struggling to get baby to sleep and maintain a schedule, so moving can sometimes seem like more than your family can manage. Here are few quick tips to reduce the stress of moving with a baby and keep your family as intact as possible.   Pack Baby’s Room Last There are items you need on a daily basis when you...

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Positive Parenting: How to Set an Example of Healthy Living for Your Children

Positive Parenting: How to Set an Example of Healthy Living for Your Children As a parent, you offer the most influence to your children. They will see everything that you do in life from working to taking care of the house. Your children will also see the ways that you keep your body healthy by eating the right foods and exercising on a regular basis. If you don’t live a healthy life, then your children will likely think that they don’t need to take care of their bodies, either. They will see that it’s alright to let the body...

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Vilajing Helping Busy Parents Save Their Cherished Photos and Videos

By: Momma Braga Twitter: @melmbraga Facebook: Instagram: @mommabraga Blog: Originally Posted Here *This article is not a paid or sponsored article. The product was provided at no cost to try it out. I am the type of parent who needs to capture many moments with my daughter and as interactive as she is, it’s difficult not to. So you can imagine how many photos and videos I end up accumulating, let’s just say it is A LOT! My process has always been to keep it on my phone until I need to transfer it all onto my laptop where...

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Babies Don’t Keep

By: Ashley From Real Talk Mom   Everything first for my youngest is my last. I will never have a first smile, first laugh, first sleeping through the night, first baby food, first roll over… You get the picture. All these firsts are so exciting with your first child. You know you’ll have more so you kinda rush it. I couldn’t wait for her first crawl and walk. Sometimes I feel like I rushed her life and never really enjoyed it. I honestly do not remember her as a baby. I look at pictures and videos and that doesn’t...

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Blogger of the Week: Modern Dad Guru

Our blogger of the week is Modern Dad Guru! This great writer is honest, fun and is a great go to blog for Mums and Dads.   What inspired you to start your blog?  Becoming a dad was a life changing moment. The moment my son Finn joined us, was incredible. It is impossible to describe in words just how euphoric that feeling is. My every thought and decision is now centered around my little ninja. I thought it would be fantastic to connect with other parents online and share my experiences and learn from others. The online parenting...

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