Criticism either positive or negative is hard to hear. But in some fields it becomes necessary for its own good for example personal care packaging. In order to make sure that your packaging is meeting all the requirements and needs of the consumer, there was a survey conducted. Women of various demographics were asked what their pet peeves were when it came to personal care box packaging. With the help of the survey conducted 10 most common pet peeves were collected. Some of them are given as under.

1.    Make sure there is no leakage or drainage inside the box.Image result for personal care products packaging boxes

Most people would find it highly frustrating if the beauty product they brought was already spilled in the box. 51% of beauty consumers told us that this was one of the greatest annoying aspects of primary packaging. They compared it to the feeling of not being able to drain the last drop of your cream or serum from the tube. Seepage or oozing of the product inside the box not only becomes a mess to clean but also it reduces the chances of the box being re-used. Such a silly mistake would not only reduce the consumer rate for your product but also give an unpleasant reputation to your company.

2.    Not Including Usage Instructions:

Women find it most annoying if usage instructions are not given on the box. This is the kind of requirements no beauty product will company would over look. Therefore, when you decide to have your personal care packaging box printed do not forget to have the usage instructions on the side. In the time and era we will in today women all over the world are busy and most of them don’t have the extra minutes to spare on themselves let alone find it was the time to look for that extra page on usage instructions from inside the box.

3.    See Inside the Box

Many consumers around the world like to see what their products look from inside the box. Therefore, it would be a good idea to design your box with a PVC. Although, it would cost little more than the normal but it guarantee to bring back customers. The consumers today like to know the quantity of the product inside the box. A plastic window can help you accomplish that. can help you in this matter with their professional advice.

4.    Flimsy Components

No matter which personal care product you are buying let it from a lipstick to hair extension or a gable to automatic tuck box. A consumer will be most annoyed if the box in which the product is packaged in is flimsy. Meaning thereby, if you hold the box once in your hand it should not start disintegrating. The consumer should not have to worry that if s/he puts the product in their gym bag the outer casing of the packaging should be strong enough to protect the inner product from damage.  In this case you should clearly narrate your specifications to the customer representatives of With their help you can specify the modifications in the thickness of their material used. You can also tell them about the design you want them to have printed on the box.

5.    Materials that Eco-Friendly

On the counter act, if your package box is not flimsy it should not be so hard that the consumer has somewhat difficulty opening it. Not every consumer believes in tearing the box in order to get their product out. Many customers believe in using the packaging box for reading the usage instructions. People now days are more environmentally aware than they were a decade ago. They prefer to have their boxes made with a material that can easily be re-used. deals with both Kraft and Cardboard materials. Both materials are easily recyclable although, Kraft has a bit more edge over cardboard. Whereas, cardboard is mostly preferred to use as it is easy to design with and is reusable at the same time.

Avoiding Peeves Altogether

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How would you avoid personal care packaging boxes peeves altogether? is your answer. Here is what you need to do.

  • Choose the box material you want to work with (cardboard, Kraft and corrugated)
  • Specify its dimensions (thickness, length and breadth of the box)
  • Select a design, logo or label to printed on the box
  • Make sure the box you ordered is sturdy w.r.t you product
  • Ensure the box you choose is eco-friendly
  • Print readable sized usage instructions on the side of the box (consumer friendly)
  • Tell your specifications to your customer representative clearly
  • See the sample before you order mass production (make sure the sample can manage leakage)

All these facilities at the most accommodating price rates. This offers includes free delivery to any place in the USA with 6 to 8 days.