“Writers work in different ways and it all depends on how your brain is wired up, which parallels dyslexia in many ways. Some writers need to work in a linear fashion. They need to know where a story starts and how it ends. My mind doesn’t work that way. In fact, I don’t write in a straight line. I discover things as I go along.”

Best selling author Diana Gabaldon of the Outlander series volunteered for Learning Ally for 27 years! She heard a radio ad calling for expert subject area readers, and realized how important access to literature is for everyone.

Kid-author and Learning Ally member Leia Schwartz (aka the Dyslexic Renegade) has always been fascinated by all the words in the huge books she saw her mom reading, which happened to be Gabaldon’s series. Leia looks up to Diana as inspiration!

We connected the two authors in this insightful and kid-friendly interview. Enjoy!

Psst: Note to parents – Outlander is a grown up book. Leia was inspired by it after seeing her mom read so many very large novels. Leia’s book, Dyslexic Renegade, is a good one for students to download.