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This Mom Unchained The Golden Handcuffs!

  Two weeks ago, posted  7 Steps ToUnchain Your Golden Handcuffs by Mom and Motivational Influencer Alexsandra Wright. We are excited to say that one Mother, Motivational Speaker, Krishtine Ross, took this advice and is thriving! She has been kind enough to share her story.   Identify   Krishtine was going through a separation with her husband of thirteen years. It was hard for everyone involved and many changes were happening what seemed to be all at once. Krishtine emphasizes that for a Mother going through a lot of stress, the safest place to be is “in...

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Let’s start 2015 off with a bang with these great designers and our new dynamic Mom of the Month.   TILLY AND OTTO     Moms and Dads everywhere have to check out this beautiful brand! Think baby gifts, pram covers, baby wraps and more! Tilly and Otto is a must have! These unique beautiful items make your child look trendy and chic.  We think these items are perfect for baby for a family photo shoot, baby showers, or for birthdays. In Tilly and Otto’s Words… Emerging in 2013, the love-child of CEO/Designer, Kavala Williams……the tilly & otto brand...

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7 Steps To Free Yourself From Golden Handcuffs     Mom, Motivational speaker, executive, and owner of Motivating Other Mothers, Alexsandra Wright has worked with and continues to work with thousands of mothers, motivating them towards a path of personal success. It was her Mother, however, who introduced her to the term, “Golden Handcuffs”. Her mother explained that many of the things we come to rely on, beauty, money, relationships, or titles, can make us complacent and they easily become a crutch or an excuse for what we’ve come to accept for ourselves. Alexsandra believes that the “Golden Handcuffs” are a comfortable set of boundaries...

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Motivating Other Mothers

Motivating Other Mothers   “I am worthless, I am a horrible Mother, I don’t know how to move on with my kids after my divorce.” These are some of the cries for help that Alexsandra Wright hears every day from Mothers who are desperate for someone, anyone to listen to their story. Alexsandra is a Mother with great passion and dedication to motivating other Mothers. She is an executive with vast experience in PR, branding and strategic marketing (to name a few). Her impressive resume does not only have big named celebrities and business people to attest to...

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