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Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning’s End

Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning’s End Originally posted here By: Colleen Parise   Facebook   “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” Such a powerful phrase that is eerily true for every situation. Everything must have an end, a finish. Everything has an end, but it also provides an opportunity for something different, perhaps something better. Every day ends, but is followed by a brand new one. Every end has a chance to change, a chance to get it right.  Every season comes to an end, but brings a new season of change. Just like...

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Make A Wish

Make a Wish Originally posted here   By: Colleen Parise   Facebook     “Make a wish!” This week I blew out 31 candles on a cake. 31 years of memories, both happy and sad and the only thing I could think of on this birthday was that I am now only 8 years away from the age when my Mom’s life ended. How on her last birthday there were only 8 more candles then on mine this year. I couldn’t help but do the math quickly in my head, knowing that I have now almost out lived...

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The Crystal Ball

The Crystal Ball Originally posted here By: Colleen Parise Facebook   When I picture a psychic, I picture someone dripped in jewels and scarves with a head wrap on, their hands cupping a large magic crystal ball in the center of the table, the smell of incense filling the room. Walking into my appointment with a psychic medium this past week, I was full of doubts and disbeliefs but left full of hope and a sense of calm I haven’t felt in years. I want to believe so very desperately that all of it is true, that there...

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“Say Cheese”

Originally posted here By: Colleen Parise Facebook   Those words were heard often throughout my childhood. My mom would chase us around like paparazzi, snapping photographs of my siblings and I like it was her job. Always on the other side of the lens, when she died I was left wishing I had chased her around a bit more, taken more photographs of her so that I could remember her. Now, fourteen years later I am left flipping through the album only present in my mind. Wishing I had something to look at daily to keep her vibrantly...

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The WAIT Begins…

The WAIT begins…  Originally posted here By: Colleen Parise Facebook   I was drawing a blank as to what to continue posting because as my last blog stated; the WEIGHT is over but now the WAIT begins. My baby building plans are on hiatus as step one is complete. I thought the hard part was over for us but it turns out waiting is just as hard. “The longer you wait for something, the more you will appreciate it when you get it. Because anything worth having is definitely worth waiting for.” I appreciate having the time to...

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