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Stop Telling Me How to Parent!

Stop Telling Me How to Parent! By: Rochel Ferman The second you become a parent, everyone has an opinion of what you should be doing and not be doing from your mother-in-law to a stranger on the street. The fact is that it is the one thing in life that we are never truly prepared for is the unknown and surprises of parenthood. When we were taught about babies, they were cute, cuddly and slept a lot. The truth is babies are hard work, bottom line! It is a full time job that is 24 hours...

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The Mom Award

The Mom Award By: Rochel Ferman Originally posted here As a mom, stay at home or working, the hours of work and time you have to be “on” is never ending. It is definitely the job that never sleeps! From the time our little one is born we have an unconditional love for them that only a mother can truly understand. It is different than any other love we have ever experienced. In the beginning we put endless days and nights into giving them the love, nutrition, and endless support to help them develop. Then they hit...

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OMG- 12 Things Pregnancy Has Done To My Body

What has pregnancy done to my body, OMG! Please welcome founder of Make My Baby Smile, Rochel Ferman! By: Rochel Ferman Originally posted here: For nine months we had many expected and unexpected changes happen to our bodies. Most of these someone told us about so we were somewhat prepared. Then we have our little bundle of joy and wow no one told us about all the post partum changes as well. If you are like an average post partum mom no one probably told you your hair was going to fall out afterwards, sometimes in...

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