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Dearest You,

Originally posted here Dearest You,     I never imagined I would be writing this letter. I used to picture myself rubbing my swollen baby belly and signing up for prenatal massages and yoga, instead now I try to picture you. I try to think of what you will look like, your personality, and how I will know you are; “the one”. While I may not know those things, I do know a lot about you already. You are caring, loving, and have a heart bigger than one can imagine. You are giving and always think of others; you are...

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One Step Closer

One step closer   Originally posted here By: Colleen Parise Facebook Yesterday, Wednesday, July 17th was the day. The big day. The most “egg”cellent day 🙂 After all my injections, blood work, ultrasounds, and testing, this was the grand finale. One step closer to becoming a mom! I arrived at 8:30a.m., and after a quick costume change into a lovely patterned gown and a  fabulous hair net, I  had the IV started by the anesthesiologist and spoke to my doctor before going into the procedure room. After walking into the procedure room, my legs were strapped into two...

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A Life Filled With” Firsts”

A life filled with” firsts” By: Colleen Parise Facebook Originally posted here “I went pee on the potty!!!” Instantly one pictures a toddler proudly boasting this news to their beaming parents standing above them on their training toilet. This quote instead came from me this Tuesday screaming out of the bathroom to Lou. This week my progress and recovery after the retrieval has been measured in a similar manner to the glorious milestones of a young child. I am proud to say I earned all of my gold star stickers since Tuesday, now able to go to the...

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Serenity Now!!!

Serenity Now!!!     By:Colleen Parise Facebook @colleendrenth Originally posted here Saturday we got the phone call that all 8 embryos looked great and fertilized well, so all 8 were frozen. Such wonderful and great news, especially after my initial scare with producing so many follicles, and only having 9 eggs removed, with 1 not mature enough to save. This is fabulous news and both Lou and I could not be more thrilled with the outcome. Luckily this news came at the exact right time, as I am dealing with physical side effects of the egg retrieval, and...

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One Step Closer

One Step Closer By:Colleen Parise Facebook And twitter is @colleendrenth Originally posted here The new year. A fresh page, a fresh start, another chance it get it all right. This is my year, a year full of big and exciting changes. Everyone refers to to the new year as a time to start over, with a clean slate. This is the year for me to do all of those things, and in the biggest, most positive way imaginable. This is the year that we will begin our journey to having a baby and becoming parents. This is the...

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