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Couponer’s Dream: Flipp App

Flipp App Review By: Karen Del Ben A.K.A. Canadian Coupon Chick This app is a couponers dream! Every week I go through the grocery flyers and circle what I am planning to get and take that flyer to the store. That is if my flyers are actually delivered that week. Most of the time I am shopping with a very active three year-old that doesn’t give me much time to organize myself while I’m shopping. This app allows me to surf through my favorite store flyers at any time and “clip” the items I want to purchase into...

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Smart Mom App Review

SmartMom App Review By: Karen Del Ben A.K.A. Canadian Coupon Chick Wow! I just love this app. I have tried many online forums for parents and families but never had the opportunity to have one as an app! Smart mom is a mobile app that allows parents to post questions and comments and have other moms reply to them instantly! Who else is going to be awake at 3 am and answer your baby questions? This app acts like a family! It is your support system at any time of day. To have the convenience to be able to...

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The Wonder Weeks App

The Wonder Weeks App Review @thewonderweeks   By: Karen Del Ben A.K.A. Canadian Coupon Chick The Wonder Week’s app is one of those nifty apps that will guide you through your child’s development stages. As soon as your baby arrives you can start using the app and input your child’s information so that you can see your child’s expected milestones each week. For myself, when my son was first born I was constantly looking online to make sure that he was reaching his expected goals. This app allows you to track through the comfort and ease of your...

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10 Minute Baby A La Carte App Review

10-Minute Baby à la Carte App Review By:  Karen Del Ben A.K.A. Canadian Coupon Chick *To celebrate Mother’s Day, 10 Minute Baby a La Carte App will be on sale!!* As a couponing and heath conscience mom who handmade all my little one’s baby food, this is one app which I really wish I had known about a couple of years ago.  This app is fully stocked with different mealtime ideas and recipes for the mom who wants to jam pack their child’s bodies full of clean and healthy food.   This app is broken down into 2 sections.  Recipes...

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Tynker App Review

Tynker App Review By:  Karen Del Ben A.K.A. Canadian Coupon Chick   I have to say that my son absolutely loved this game and as a parent who is always trying to provide educational opportunities for my little one to develop his skills, the Tynker app does not disappoint. Tynker is available on ipad which in my opinion it the best way to get the full experience of this app, and provides my son to see the picture on a larger screen than from a smart phone. I introduced my son to the game Puppy Adventure.  It was a...

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