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15 Pieces of Advice for New Mommies From A Village

Advice for New Mommies From A Village By: Melanie Braga Instagram: @mommabraga Twitter: @melmbraga Facebook: Blog: To all the first time mommies, welcome to the world of parenting! I am sure you have read tons of books and articles of what to expect when your bundle of joy arrives. You may have even heard the ups, downs and maybe even the ugly from family and friends. All of this information can be valuable and may assist you at some point. But please remember that every child, parent and situation is different so your desired results may differ....

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A Tearful Good-Bye

By: Melanie Braga Instagram: @mommabraga Twitter: @melmbraga Facebook: Blog:   Our pets are more than just pets as they become a member of the family. The love and care we feel for them is so very special. They are the ones who are always loyal and by our side when we need them the most. This is how we felt about our cat Lily. We adopted Lily in 2009 when she was six years of age and she was the sweetest cat you could ever meet. There is a saying that our animals are the ones who...

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Life with an Autistic Son

Life with an Autistic Son By: Melanie Braga Twitter: @melmbraga Facebook: Blog: Parenthood is this rollercoaster journey that has us constantly learning about ourselves. We learn to embrace and enjoy the beautiful moments and we learn to cope with the challenges that parenthood brings us. Everyone’s experience and journey is as different as every child is. Even in one family with more than one child can differ depending on each child. Even though everyone’s experience is different, we can still learn from each one’s experience and never judge it. We do not know one’s full story,...

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A Mermaid Called Marissa

A Mermaid Called Marissa By: Melanie Braga Twitter: @melmbraga Facebook: Blog: This week a new book landed on our list that introduces young readers to the ocean in a new book called, A Mermaid Called Marissa. This book is written and illustrated by Georgie Cornwell. A Mermaid Called Marissa engages young readers to explore the sea through a mermaid’s eyes by the name of Marissa. The adventure begins with a game of hide and seek and Marissa ends up wandering away far from home. She ends up lost in a sea tunnel that she was warned...

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What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name? By: Melanie Braga Twitter: @melmbraga Facebook: Blog: Picking a name for your baby is an important decision to make and that is why it can be difficult to pick one. There are many things to consider when picking a name for your baby, such as popularity, origin, pronunciation, and family history, but one of the most important factors is its meaning. The meaning behind the name can be the definition and where the name originated; the personal meaning to you; and/or how the name was picked for your child. Once you know...

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