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It’s the Final Countdownnnn

It’s the Final Countdownnnn Originally posted here By: Colleen Parise 31 days of  injections, 8 days of IVF medications, 7 consecutive days of blood work and ultrasounds. and today the final countdown clock begins! This week has been rough.   But no pain, no gain, right?  A few more days until this step is complete. Hard to believe it’s almost done. Here is a few quick things this week I have come to “expect” when NOT expecting… 1. Expect to cry, a lot. Sometimes for no reason at all. Sometimes because you are physically and mentally drained, or sometimes because...

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All Aboard!

By: Colleen Parise Day 11. All aboard the roller coaster ride of emotions. Please remain seated for the entire ride….I am now thinking my last post was premature. The lovely  previous heartwarming thoughts filled with rainbows and butterflies are now covered in bruises and sweat from the hot flashes.  I am currently rocking some lovely shades of blue on my stomach, and gone are the thoughts of balance and calmness. I have snapped more than a snapping turtle in the past few days and I am already an extremely sensitive person but I find myself crying for...

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On your mark, get set, go!

Originally posted here By: Colleen Parise Facebook Everyone always focuses on the finish line, the ending, the finale. To me, the starting line is just as important if not more. Today I stepped over the starting line. Today was Day 1 of the IVF. After several appointments this week, my levels were ready and a cyst that had appeared while on the Lupron disappeared! The egg retrieval will be somewhere between July 15-19th, depending on when I am ready. In the meantime I will go almost daily for ultrasounds and bloodwork before work to monitor my progress. Today...

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You need to know where I have been before you can know where I am going :)

You need to know where I have been before you can know where I am going 🙂   http://what[ By: Colleen Parise “Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you; they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.” (Reagon) As a child, you picture your life as happy and easy. You do not picture the down times or the hard moments. I had a vision of a life filled with happiness and ease. My life has instead been one filled with many hurdles and difficulty. It is not how many times you get knocked down, what is...

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