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Bringing Family Mealtimes Back Into Our Homes

Bringing Family Mealtimes Back Into Our Homes “Food is love, in so many ways.” The moment I found out that I was pregnant with my daughter, I was thrilled! Of course, like many new moms, I read many books regarding motherhood and some were good but none really stood out for me until now. I had the recent pleasure of reading, Raising A Healthy, Happy Eater, by Pediatrician Nimali Fernando (Dr. Yum), MD, MPH and feeding therapist Melanie Potock (Coach Mel), MA, CCC-SLP. This book provides a stage-by-stage guide to setting your child on the path to Adventurous Eating....

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Teaching the Spirit of Giving- 7 Ways To Help

Teaching the Spirit of Giving My parents were not born in Canada but emigrated here from Azores, Portugal in the 70’s and like many immigrants who were coming to Canada at that time it was for a better life and future. My parents did not have much when they arrived in Canada but were hopeful on the life they can build with the opportunities that were here. Growing up I saw how much my parents worked to ensure that my sister and I had everything we needed. I remember seeing the struggling times and then some better times; above...

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LAID OFF AFTER MATERNITY LEAVE Twitter: @melmbraga Facebook: Blog: The following links are for our Canadian readers, particularly those from the province of Ontario. Laws vary from countries, provinces, territories and states. As I was preparing myself for my maternity leave, all I could focus on was bringing this new life into the world. I did not want to think about all the changes that were happening at my workplace and did not want to “over-think” why my position was not filled by anyone but instead pieces of my job was being dissected and given to...

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Dealing with Loss

Dealing with Loss Twitter: @melmbraga Facebook: Blog: At one time or another, we all deal with loss in our lives. It never is easy but part of the circle of life. But what happens when the loss has not entered the world yet? I am talking about a miscarriage. Almost seems like a taboo topic and something that many women try to avoid talking about. But there is no shame in talking about it as it is more common than many people think and it can happen to anyone. I know as it happened to...

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