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Helping Mamas

    We LOVE parents who help parents who are struggling. That’s why we have to share with you this wonderful organization called Helping Mamas in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. If only their were more groups like this around the globe. We sat down with Helping Mamas co founders Jamie and Karen to learn more about this fantastic movement. How did the concept of Helping Mamas develop? My co-founder, Karen and I have worked together for several years at another large nonprofit in Atlanta. We are both social workers and moms. We are really passionate about helping mothers. As moms,...

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Baby Spot Bests -2015

Here are  the designers, stores, bloggers, photographers, toy makers and innovators to look out for in 2015!!   To answer some of our frequently asked questions:   For tips on saving, we go to: For Sleep Consulting: For Nutrition: For Advice:   BLOGGERS TWITTER @marianasbuck INSTAGRAM @marianabuck PINTEREST   The lovely Mariana Silva-Buck should not only be our blogger of the month but Mommy of the month too! After moving from Brazil to The USA in 2005, Mariana Silva Buck decided to finish university. After two degrees and finding the job market difficult,...

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Parents are constantly looking for books that are not only fun and entertaining for children but also full of good lessons, morals and values. When found Pumpkinheads, a series of books with just that, we had to interview Karen Kilpatrick, the creator of this adorable series. We sat down with Karen to find out how she created this adorable series.  Karen, How did the adorable Pumpkinheads series of books get started? It was a long road!  I had my first child, a son, in the summer of 2002.   I think from the day he was born I started telling him stories! ...

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New to Shelves: The SINC Series Continues….

Interface - SINC2
Find this exciting follow up in the SINC series online here!
Still available, the first book of the SINC series online here!